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Author: Carol Caroes
by Carol Caroes
Posted: Jan 16, 2021

Leveling Jewelcrafting from 1 – 300 is quite quick, as the profession was newly introduced with The Burning Crusade. You can level Jewelcrafting by crafting a mixture of low level statues, rings and necklaces. Once you reach 300, leveling Jewelcrafting gets a bit more involved, though. Buy wow classic gold cheap

Jewelcrafting Trainers

There are Trainers for Jewelcrafting in Silvermoon City and The Exodar, both teach up to Skill 300. However, if you have chosen The Aldor as your Shattrath faction, or haven’t chosen at all yet, there is a better way! On the right side of the Aldor plateau, there is a Trainer that teaches all levels of Jewelcrafting!

Jewelcrafting leveling Guide - Materials Jewelcrafting leveling Guide – Materials

Materials required (1-300)

40x Copper Bar

80x Rough Stone

20x Tigerseye

80x Bronze Bar

50x Silver Bar

80x Heavy Stone

30x Moss Agate

100x Mithril Bar

60x Truesilver Bar

10x Citrine

20x Elemental Water

45x Aquamarine

60x Flask of Mojo

50x Thorium Bar

5x Star Ruby

20x Heart of the Wild

10x Large Opal

20x Azerothian Diamond

20x Huge Emerald

Jewelcrafting leveling guide

Jewelcrafting 1 – 300

1-20: 20x Delicate Copper Wire (2 x Copper Bar)

20-30: 10x Rough Stone Statue (8 x Rough Stone)

30-50: 20x Tigerseye Band (1 x Tigerseye, 1 x Delicate Copper Wire)

50-75: 30x Bronze Setting (2 x Bronze Bar)

75-80: 5x Solid Bronze Ring (4 x Bronze Bar)

80-90: 10x Elegant Silver Ring (1 x Silver Bar)

90-110: 20x Ring of Silver Might (2 x Silver Bar)

110-120: 10x Heavy Stone Statue (8 x Heavy Stone)

120-150: 30x Pendant of the Agate Shield (1 x Moss Agate, 1 x Bronze Setting)

You’ll need to get the Design for this! It’s sold by Neal Allen in Menethil Harbour, Wetlands and Jandia in Freewind Post, Thousand Needles

150-180: 40x Mithril Filigree (2 x Mithril Bar)

180-200: 20x Engraved Truesilver Ring (1 x Truesilver, 2 x Mithril Filigree)

200-210: 10x Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing (1 x Citrine, 2 x Elemental Water, 2 x Mithril Bar)

Jewelcrafting 300 – 375

300-310: Cut any common gems. The recipes turn green quickly, so you might need to cut a bunch of them. Make sure to learn the new ones every 5 Skill Points.

310-315: 5x Fel Iron Blood Ring (1 x Fel Iron Bar, 2 x Blood Garnet)

310-315: Cut any common gems. The recipes turn green quickly, so you might need to cut a bunch of them. Make sure to learn the new ones every 5 Skill Points.

320-325: 5x Azure Moonstone Ring (1 x Fel Iron Bar, 2 Azure Moonstone, 1 x Deep Peridot)

325-335: 10x Mercurial Adamantite (4 x Adamantite Powder, 1 x Primal Earth)

You could also cut more common gems, though the Mercurial Adamantite is needed for the next step.

335-350: 15x Heavy Adamantite Ring (1 x Adamantite Bar, 1 x Mercurial Adamantite)

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