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Deciding Between Ethernet and Wi-Fi: Here Comes the Help

Author: Gryphon Online Safety
by Gryphon Online Safety
Posted: Jan 22, 2021

We live in the age of technology. Everything from counting our calories to helping us stay organized, technology is omnipresent. Internet is one of the most significant achievements of human beings. It has brought such a powerful difference to our lives that we cannot imagine a day without the Internet. While every office has an Internet connection, there will be a time soon that it will be a common thing in every household. This brings us to the discussion of Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Those who are planning to get an Internet connection at home often get confused between choosing Ethernet and wi-fi. In this post, we unfold the advantages and disadvantages of both types of connections. Read on.

Ethernet Cable

Ethernet cables are still one of the most popular ways to connect cable with router and access the Internet. It is less susceptible to the electromagnetic interference caused at the outside, which often leads to data loss. As a result, ethernet cable connection is fast in terms of bandwidth and has less lag. Let’s look at a few more features:

  • No set up is required to connect the device to the internet. You just need to plug in the cable to the switch, and it starts working.
  • In case the speed is slow, troubleshooting a cable is easier. You can replace the cable, whenever you want to.
  • With ethernet cable, comes the advantage of having a more secured connection. There’s a less possibility that somebody will hack a connection in your house through Ethernet cable. One needs to have a lot of experience and high-end equipment to do this.

The Cons

If you have made up your mind to install ethernet connection, be ready for a whole lot of installation planning and routing. There will be cables running across and you need to hide them to save the interiors.

Cost is another factor with Ethernet connection. If you opt for high-quality cables that are fire resistant and have better performance, you will have to shell a lot more.

You need an expert to install ethernet connection at home.


Over the years, wi-fi has gained a lot of significance due to the ease of usage it offers. You can connect multiple devices to the router without worrying about getting more ethernet cables or buying a bigger router that has more connection ports.

  • Wifi does not have cable clutter and it can go to places where your cable might not reach. This is probably, one of the biggest advantages of having wi-fi connectivity.
  • Unlike ethernet, you don’t have to spend a lot on buying high-quality cables that will provide connectivity across the house. This makes wi-fi easy on the pocket.
  • More people can use wi-fi at the same time
  • There are advanced products such as wifi router with child protection available in the market so that parents can limit the Internet access of their kids.

The cons

Wi-fi routers release electromagnetic radiations that are harmful to us. However, you can control the radiations to a certain extent by keeping the router off, when not in use and buying a router guard.

Wi-fi connection is more prone to hacking. This can again be taken care of by having a strong password, limiting the range of network and buying a router with high-end security features.

The speed of data transfer might be less than what you get with ethernet cable. However, advanced routers and better wi-fi versions are entering the market to resolve this issue.

At last, both types of connections have their pros and cons. Consider all the aspects and decide which option best meets your needs.

About the Author

Mark Jepson is an IT Engineer and his recent presentation about having parental control on computer has made many parents think about having parental control router settings enabled on their computing devices.

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