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What Causes Excessive Engine Oil Consumption?

Author: Joshua Wallace
by Joshua Wallace
Posted: Jan 21, 2021
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Under normal conditions, engines consume a specific amount of oil. To say, modern engines consume about 1/2 quart per 500 km. But some engines may consume more oil than its limits arising dangerous consequences. There are various ways of defining the levels of engine oil consumption. The standard technique of determining oil consumption is calculating grams per kilowatt-hour. But the most common practice is calculating litres per 1000 km or the percentage of fuel consumption.

Excessive oil consumption is a call for other major car problems. It jeopardizes the longevity of the engine parts, boosts harmful emissions, and increases power-shattering deposits. The volatility of oil is directly proportional to excessive oil consumption. As more oil evaporates when heated, the more oil is consumed, and less is left that provides lubrication and protects equipment. In such cases, you will have to rebuild or change the engine. The best solution is to identify the key reason and take it for a Rebuild; as recommended by engine rebuilders near me.

Many contributing factors lead to excessive oil consumption and must be aware of them.

1- Burning Oil:

Using a low-quality oil for the engine accumulated dirt and debris around the piston rings and ring belt areas. The engine burns the oil when it gets past piston rings and ring belt areas. If the oil is clean, there will be fewer carbon deposits on the surfaces, and a lesser amount of oil may be consumed. But if the oil is filthy, it will clog to these areas and increase oil consumption and wear these parts. There are other reasons for oil-burning when there is a lot of oil in the crankcase and high engine vacuum.

Also, high oil pressure leads to oil burning. Oil flowing with high pressure into the engine may fall on the cylinder that causes burning.

2- Oil leaks:

One of the common reasons for excessive oil consumption is oil leakage. Most of the leaks are because of worn-out head gaskets, worn out seals, oil pan leaks, damaged piston rings, and bad connections. Once this happens you will lose oil every time you start riding. It is recommended to fix them soon to avoid losing lots of oil for nothing.

3- Old Engine:

The age of your engine also impacts the oil consumption. As the engine ages, its efficiency loses. On an average when an engine gets past 100,000 miles, it starts wearing out. The efficacy of the engine gradually declines as it gives maximum mileage.

4- Heavy Loads:

This is slightly a temporary and negligible cause of oil consumption, but it is true that if carry loads in your car, it will make the engine work harder to support the movement. The engine will, therefore, consume more oil. The tension on the engine further increases when driving it in upwards direction through a sloppy surface, leading it to consume even more oil.

5- Defective Cooling System:

Corrosion, rust and sediments in the radiator, water jacket, and water distributing tube disrupt the cooling systems. This can cause a cylinder distortion and therefore, loss of oil.

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