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Add Power to the Teeth Whitening Regime with Pre-Whitening Serum

Author: Shailesh Gajjar
by Shailesh Gajjar
Posted: Jan 21, 2021

Gone are the days when customers loyally patronized businesses and built face-to-face relationships with the proprietors. Thanks to the growing reach of technology, modern consumers have innumerable purchasing options.

Unquestioning brand loyalty is a concept of the past. If you want to build a thriving teeth whitening business in today’s environment, know what your customers want before they do. Identify the latent needs of your customers, look out for potential gaps in the market, and deliver a game-changing product that stays true to its promise.

Customer Expectations from Teeth Whitening Products

The demand for teeth whitening products is growing exponentially in both developed countries as well as developing nations. Teeth whitening products help in removing surface-level stains. With a beautiful and brighter smile, users feel more confident, youthful and attractive.

With teeth whitening products, customers are looking for long-term results without causing any harm to their oral health. There is clearly a demand for effective and safe teeth whitening products.

Potential Gaps in Satisfying the Needs of the Market

There are many teeth whitening treatments available on the market that use hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to oxidize the surface of the teeth and lift stains. The problem with traditional gel-based products is that they can be too thick to penetrate the deeper layers of the enamel.

There is a clear need for a product that can be used alongside teeth whitening gels to help them penetrate the tooth surface and lift difficult stains more effectively.

Pre-Whitening Serum: A Miracle Teeth Whitening Product

The viscosity of whitening gels can be too thick to penetrate the deeper layers of enamel. Try adding a pre-whitening serum to your portfolio to offer complete teeth whitening solutions and get your customers the results they want!

Before applying the teeth whitening gel, apply a thin layer of serum to each tooth and spend a minute or two rubbing the serum in. It will help in lifting stains and act as a catalyst for the whitening gel products.

A pre-whitening serum boosts whitening results by acting as a complementary power cleanser, purifier, and oxidizer. It loosens the stains and facilitates penetration of the whitening gel between the enamel layers of the teeth. Whether you sell teeth whitening products over the web or offer dental whitening services at your clinic/spa/salon, introducing the pre-whitening serum will super-charge results and help you to generate more revenue.

Let’s find out what ingredients make the pre-whitening serum a game-changer for the teeth whitening industry:

A pre-whitening serum contains power cleanser P-188 that penetrates the enamel and helps in loosening the stains. It also includes sodium bicarbonate to activate and facilitate the whitening process.

Along with the Poloxamer-188 and NaHCO?, other wetting agents help in thinning the teeth whitening gels and allow them to penetrate further.

Rejuvenate your Revenue Streams!

Innovation is necessary to succeed in the highly competitive world of teeth whitening. By introducing a quality product that addresses the latent needs of the target market, you will be able to tackle the competition, provide confidence to the customers, and improve your revenue streams.

Do you want to add pre-whitening serum for teeth to your portfolio? The unique and innovative teeth whitening product can help you to rejuvenate your revenue streams and make your business a success. Get in touch today to discuss your custom packaging needs. Enjoy the benefits of low MOQs and turnkey services with private label teeth whitening products.

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