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Beating the Pandemic Blues: Touring on a Motorcycle Made Easy

Author: Seth Martin
by Seth Martin
Posted: Jun 13, 2021

The recent pandemic has been a real challenge for many people all around the world- forcing them to stay bound within the four walls of their homes. It was a grub even for normal people, but for travelers who love to be outdoors more often than inside, the pandemic was one of the worst times in recent history! If you have been dealing with the pandemic blues, here are a few simple tips and techniques to overcome the restrictions and explore the world a little on a motorcycle. Remember, this is going to be a basic introduction to motorcycle touring for those who have never done it before.

Make a budget first

If you are used to traveling by car or flying to the destination, traveling by motorcycle will be a completely novel experience for you. The first thing that you need to think about this amount of money you are going to spend during the trip. Unlike driving a car, or being expenses off an airplane ticket, with a motorcycle you are going to have to think about the fuel expenses- which is a lot less than that of a car because of better fuel mileage of a motorcycle. But in addition to that, there are also other things to worry about like investing in proper motorcycle riding safety gears such as a high quality two-wheeler bike and scooter helmets for Men and Women, riding gloves, riding jacket and boots. In addition to that you are also going to need a comprehensive travel insurance plan that covers accidental damage, as well as other healthcare problems and emergency situations.

Choose the right machine

Touring motorcycles quite possible, with people going across continents on your motorcycles- the only thing that you need to know is how to choose the right machine for a job! If you have normal commuter motorcycle, it might not make the cut. Explore the market and find out relevant machines adequate for the purpose. We strongly recommend you to look into the touring section of the market look at motorcycles from BMW, Honda and Yamaha. A general rule of thumb is that touring motorcycles should have at least 500CC capacity engine, or even higher if you are planning to carry a lot of load on the motorcycle. Do keep in mind that most touring vehicles are usually a lot heavier than normal commuting machines- which means you might have to retrain your skills accordingly. Not keen on making a huge investment in a new motorcycle now? No worries, you can easily rent touring adventure motorcycle and return it back once you are done.

Start with short rides

Touring on a motorcycle should be taken as a lesson in enhancing your skills. Do not make the mistake of going on very long rides right at the beginning. Start with small rides within your city, or across a few cities to see if you are able to handle and managed the situation properly. Once you start getting used to it, you will also start learning a few tips and tricks of your own that will come in handy on long rides. Take every ride as a lesson in learning how to ride motorcycles and stay safe while doing it.

Go with a friend

At least at the outset, consider going on road trips on your motorcycle along with a friend you trust. That way you have the mental peace of knowing that somebody is always beside you if you ever happen to be in a tight spot. Riding solo can also be done at the very beginning of your riding experience, but in that case you will have to be doubly safe and more aware of what might go wrong and be prepared for it at least mentally and financially. If you do not know somebody who can accompany you on your trips, consider joining a motorcycle riding club, or look for like-minded people on social media forums. However, take this as a limitation. If you don't find anybody- fair enough, just start riding on your own and with time you might meet somebody worthwhile.

Don’t worry about everything

The trick to enjoying your trips is to focus on the positives and not think about the negatives all the time. In order for that to happen, you must plan for everything in advance and have backup plans that will keep your mind away from the what is some nails and help you focus on the present as well as enjoy the trip. Consider booking all accommodations and facilities well ahead in advance, and have adequate money to meet day-to-day expenses.

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I am an avid rider proud of the miles on my odometer! When I am not hitting the highways, I can't stop myself for sharing the traveling things and the best places where every traveler must go.

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