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How To Gain Back The Gloss On Sterling Silver Jewelleries

Author: Mohamed Fareed
by Mohamed Fareed
Posted: Feb 05, 2021
silver jewellery

Though silver is not as precious as gold, rising demand for silver-based jewellery daily shows that people have the same love for the silver as they express it for gold. At the time of the soaring gold price, silver jewellery is considered as the best alternative. When it comes to silver jewellery, you will not find products manufactured with pure silver. It is often mixed with other metals to form alloys. When silver is mixed up with copper, the alloy is named as sterling silver. Among various other alloys of silver, sterling silver is the most popular as well as expensive. It has a unique shine or glass, so it is considered special for jewellery manufacturing.

Even though you purchase sterling silver handmade jewellery, you would find that after some time, charm or gloss is missing from your jewellery. In such cases, you need to take good care of your silver jewellery like drop earrings, chains, pendent, bracelets, etc. Here we will discuss some of how you can take care of your sterling silver jewellery.

Use Jewellery Boxes

The best way to protect this jewellery from damages is to keep them inside a re-sealable plastic bag or a jewellery box. Always wrap the piece with anti-tarnish paper to keep it safe. Moisture will automatically damage its natural glow. Therefore, before keeping your used silver jewellery inside a packet or box, make sure that it is cleaned well and there is no sign of moisture on the piece. Always use a soft and clean piece of cloth to clean the sterling silver necklace or other jewellery.

Polish To Bring Back Shine

There is handmade silver jewellery like silver hoop earrings or bangles with the protective coating with the power of tarnish resistant. Use jewellery polishing cloth to polish your sterling silver jewellery. If your sterling silver jewellery has stones on it, it could also be cleaned by a dry piece of cotton cloth. Alternatively, you can go to the jewellery shop and ask them to clean the products, since they know some special cleaning procedures.

Shampoo Water For Cleaning

To clean sterling silver handmade jewellery, shampoo water can be used. The trick is that you have to keep the jewellery soaking into the shampoo water for some time. After approximately 1 hour, take out the jewellery and rinse them with water. After rinsing them, you should clean them with a dry piece of cloth. As a result, the shine will come back on the products with ease. This is an effective method for cleaning and getting back shine of sterling silver jewellery.

Baking Soda Or Simply Soda Water

If you think that your sterling silver jewellery has lost their charms, you should find baking soda in your kitchen and then make a solution with it. Baking soda solution can be used for cleaning sterling silver jewellery. This trick can bring excellent gloss on the jewellery. What if you do not have baking soda at home? Well, nothing to worry in that case as well. You can also do it with soda water at your home.

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