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What are the Advantages of Using Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Author: Ken Mozlowski
by Ken Mozlowski
Posted: Feb 23, 2021
dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a customer relationship management system that offers a full suite of tools to streamline business communication. The product is incredibly functional and aims to meet marketing, sales, and customer service teams' ever-changing needs.

Once installed, the product facilitates relationships between team members, prospects, and existing customers by collecting data and allowing customer service representatives to use it to provide meaningful interactions.

Here's a look at some of the main advantages of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 as your CRM system.

Easy to Use

First and foremost, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is easy to deploy because it works in a cloud or semi-cloud environment. As a result, all team members can access the system at any time, and it's even adaptable for companies with a bring-you-own-device policy.

Employees can access the system through Outlook or a web browser on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, making it an extremely versatile product.

Completely Customizable

Another great feature of Dynamics 365 is that it features built-in workflow tools to automate tasks throughout the organization. These tasks include work in the marketing, sales, and customer service departments.

Keep in mind that just because the pre-build tools won't work with your firm doesn't mean you can't make use of the product. That's because Dynamics 365 is entirely customizable, so you can modify the workflows to meet your exact needs.

Integrates with Other Microsoft Products

As you might expect, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can integrate with other Microsoft products, creating a streamlined workplace. When using this service, you can combine it with the full Microsoft Office 365 suite, allowing companies to switch between Dynamics 365 and Outlook for communication and use SharePoint, as well.

The easier it is to move between apps and have them all work together, the smoother you can expect the workflow to run.

Enhances Customer Experience

One often overlooked benefit of this product is how it serves customers. The system organizes customer data in an easily consumable manner, allowing you to identify customer patterns and look at how they interact with various brands.

From there, your marketing team can provide these customers with offers they're likely to appreciate, and the customer service team can interact on a human level while having insight into the customer's unique experience.

This feature also helps the sales and marketing departments, of course, by providing insight into the customer's habits and traits, allowing them to present worthwhile offers that have a higher level of acceptance.

Entirely Scalable

The scalability of Dynamics 365 is an essential feature because it means that no matter your current size, budget, or workload, you can use it.

Since the product works on a monthly subscription basis, you can upgrade your account if your organization grows or you temporarily have a more significant workload. You can also downgrade your subscription to save money for the time being if you have a smaller budget. The choice is entirely up to you.

Improves Productivity

Perhaps the main benefit that Dynamics 365 provides is increased productivity in the workplace. Your employees are busy people, and the more time they can spend on urgent tasks while avoiding menial ones, the more productive you can expect them to remain.

This service reduces the amount of time staff spend searching for information by presenting it directly to them. And since all of the data is available through a single platform, the entire workplace will become streamlined once you have it integrated.

How DynPros365 Can Help

Of course, businesses of all sizes will want to ensure they're integrating and using Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the most efficient way, which is where Dyn365Pros can help.

The consultants at Dyn365Pros assist organizations by providing training and support when integrating Dynamics 365 into their businesses. They also configure the system to meet your needs, setting up automation in the most efficient way possible.

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Ken Mozlowski is Senior Project Manager with Acs Group providing web development and Seo Services to businesses of all types and sizes.

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