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Career Chronology Paper

Author: Nelly Cook
by Nelly Cook
Posted: Mar 08, 2021

Career Chronology Paper

The interview was conducted at home in a comfortable atmosphere. The interviewees were my parents. The whole conversation took around half an hour with both parents because the life stories of each of them are rather similar. My parents appeared to be calm, relaxed, and concentrated during the interview, which made an impression that the answers they gave were well thought-through. Overall, the conversation was productive, and I acquired a lot of material for further processing and making conclusions.

From the interview, it is apparent that both the life and career paths of my parents were not easy as they had to overcome multiple obstacles and issues. These problems are primarily related to their ethnic and cultural background as well as the issues they had faced in our home country. One of the primary issues is that neither of the interviewees has a higher education. Instead, both father and mother graduated from high school; although, they did not manage to have a college or university education. The reason for this was the Chinese Revolution that started in the mid-1940s and lasted till the 1950s or 1970s based on different opinions. The interviewees said that at that time little to no attention was paid to many social areas, including those related to the education of the young generations. Therefore, the highest education they managed to obtain was high school. After that, there were no opportunities to get a higher education at college or university.

Nevertheless, even despite the absence of higher education and a diploma, the interviewees said that they did not face many significant issues when getting employed. This question was discussed more than the others because of its importance for the whole paper. My parents said that, on the one hand, it was somewhat difficult to find a job that would provide them with sufficient income at the beginning because the employees were seeking for professionals. Also, they confidently responded that they did not face any significant prejudices on the ground of ethnicity, race, or origin when searching for a job. However, on the other hand, they told that they realized that they would not be able to achieve success instantly and would have to move up the social ladder slowly. The interviewees said that at the beginning, they worked on some low-paid positions. However, eventually, they managed to find the jobs they have now which allowed them to provide for themselves and the family altogether.

When the interviewees were asked whether they have always been satisfied with their jobs and lives, they gave affirmative answers. Additionally, they said that the reason for such a perception of their past was the fact that they did not have too high expectations since the very beginning of their lives in the United States. Therefore, they were doing what they could. Soon, they were able to see the opportunities and take advantages of them so that their lives were getting better. Thus, at every stage of their lives, my parents said that they were satisfied with what they had at those moments; although, they were always ready to achieve something greater.

Despite the fact that the interviewees already have their lives established, they said that they will not stop at what they had achieved. Currently, my mother is a sales manager at one of the companies, while my father is a worker. They acknowledge that if they had a higher education, their salaries would be substantially higher. Still, they underlined that they did not complain of what they had at that moment because they understand that they would not be able to have even that if not for favorable coincidence. The interviewees said that they were ready to move forward career-wise and search for new employment opportunities. Besides, they said that their greatest strengths were the belief in their own abilities, the absence of predisposition for frustration in case of failures, and understanding of the fact that everything cannot be achieved instantly.

Finally, the interviewees gave advice to the young generation based on their personal experiences. The major aspect that they pointed on was the need to always remain optimistic and never have too high ambitions about the career and life. Besides, they said that it is important to keep in mind that there are some situations in life which will affect the future in a negative way. Thus, one should be prepared for them by remaining emotionally strong and perceive them as something inevitable.

Overall, the interview gave me much information, which allowed to conclude that even the worst situations may be lived through with optimism. Besides, this conversation allowed me to get to know my parents better and feel even greater respect and gratitude to them for being able to get through such tough times and events in their lives.

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