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Read best odia shayari collectional story

Author: Sahil Das
by Sahil Das
Posted: Mar 11, 2021

Read best odia shayari collectional story

That day, Sagar wiped out his father, Ramakant, and went on a pilgrimage. It's almost time to eat and drink. Sagar said, "Dad, we didn't go to the field, let's go. Seeing so many people in one place, he thought there was something good going on here. A bow is being fired from a distance. No matter how hard you try to play right in the center, the deposit doesn't work. He looks on anxiously. Not a young man, not one or two, eighteen arrows, but not one. Read odia shayari collectional story, he is about to hit the bow with his head and shoot his last arrow. There is hope in the mind that there will be victory, and there is faith that it must play in the middle yellow.

Sagar asks Dad, Dad... what will he play this time? Dad said look, maybe he'll play... or he won't. Sagar said, "Daddy, I'll see you play. I'll play it at once. It's a game. I can throw a squirrel and throw a squirrel and throw eggs and eggs at you again." He killed the chickens in the distance and threw them to the ground, saying, "It's hard. The young man played the last ball in the red ring in the middle, but never at the center.

Sagar insisted and took part in the game. The first arrow of the sea fell to the ground. Then the two arrows rang in the black ring above. My father was encouraging, but then the arrows rang in the blue ring. This time he realized for himself that it was very easy to say but very difficult to do. But he was embarrassed in his mind because he could not play the slightest sharta, no matter how big the Himalayas were.

Sagar returned home with her father, but she had many unanswered questions in her mind, how to win. Dad asked, "What are the different colors of this wheel board?" Dad said, "Yes, the black color we see on the top of the wheel means black." Sheila is there because of her lack of patience. But the yellow color of the center indicates that even if she is in the desert, her goal will be to make me green forever, to win.

It bothered Sagar even more, thinking her father wasn’t knowingly insulting her? "He said he was lost. Again, he said, 'Daddy said,' What can one do to kill only the center? '

The father said to remove his ignorance, pride, arrogant black darkness for the sake of goal, to be as pure as the blue sky or the blue sea, to be as heroic as the red but to be heroic without reacting and not losing balance and being as self-centered and united as yellow. It takes a lot of confidence, a lot of hard work, a lot of hard work and a lot of unwavering desire for Jigisha.

Sagar said, "Dad, do you really have such a talented person in this world?"

Dad said, "Yes, there are many. It is not impossible at all. Now the use of bows has decreased and the use of bullets continues. The only time this bow was the main indicator of ancient education. You must have heard the story of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata." Ch.

He was shot dead by an arrow that could have pierced the fish in the eye.

Hearing such a wonderful story, Sagar said, "Father, who can learn such a magical science from Arjuna?"

Dad said yes, we have also heard from Aryanavarta's best guru Dronacharya. He was the Guru's best ideological disciple best odia shayari for your girlfriend. Guru's words were his scriptures. Not only that, he was successful in shaping things in the dark at night. He was like Arjuna.

Dad, weren't they both archery and archery like Arjuna?

Who would have said that Karna was such an archer that he threw the chariot in the chariot of Arjuna himself with the chariot twelve hands away from the chariot. The situation is the environment, so the Thai destination of talent has not been the last for its intolerant feeling.

The only thing that was born was yoga, without the Guru it was possible to follow the Guru's footsteps and hand movements in only a few schemes. The whole holy Aryabhumi Bharatvarsha congratulated the archery science on the whole of India. Didn't let go of the goal.

Guru Bhakti with generosity, generosity

He is the one who builds a loyal seeker, who at every moment of life only seems to have his goal seen in the eyes of the fish eye Arjuna. Confidence and practice are the main factors of the person. The archery hero can easily reach the peak of success by becoming an archer.

Sagar was able to immerse himself. He was determined to possess all the talents.

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Hey i am sahil the love story writer. This odia shayari lovely story writen by me, i hope you all enjoy this story and poems.

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