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Premium wordpress plugin development: A significant tool for plugin evolution

Author: Amit Sankhala
by Amit Sankhala
Posted: Sep 23, 2014

Wordpress is used to enhance a single bit code of typography on everyday writing.Since it become a largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world used on millions of sites and seen by thousands of people every day. As we know wordpress is an open source project, which means there are thousands of people all over the world working on it and also free to use anything without paying any license. It is also consider as open source project for content management system (CMS).

Premium Wordpress plugin development allows easy mode of modification, customization, and enhancement for wordpress blogging tool. Instead of changing the core of programming of wordpress plugin development, you can add functionality format in plugin. It is also consider as set of programming in which it is used to add one or more function by using of php scripting language, it also include set of feature and services for wordpress blog, which is seamless integrated with access point of web blog and techniques provided by wordpress.

The document API (application programming Interface) hooks available to Wordpress plugin developers. Basically "hooks" is known as "Filters" or "Actions," which is used to set a plugin in motion on wordpress.

Create Plugin: To create Premium wordpress plugin development, steps are used to be considering for well structured plugins:

  • Name:-For creating plugin name the first thing about plugin you will do that give name to that particular plugin in wordpress. Plugin name should be unique for verification as well as u can also does search on Google for unique plugin name. Most of wordpress plugin developer used to choose plugin name for instance of plugin, what does plugin do and mostly weather related plugin is used for set the unique plugin name. The plugin name can be used in multiple words also.
  • File:-For creating plugin file, Php file is to create which is derived from selective plugin name. Consider as if your Plugin name is consider as "functionality" then your plugin file is consider as functionality php. Howoften, people are used to install the Wordpress plugins directory for unique name, in case of putting no same php file name.
  • Readme:-Readme file is used to host the plugin, in which also need to create a readme.txt file in a standard format and it get integrated with plugin file. "Requires" and "Tested up" versions from readme.txt used in stable tag on wordpress plugin.
  • Home:-Home page is used to create the main page of your plugin. This page is used to describe how to install the plugin and also set the version of wordpress in which it is reliable. It also changes accordingly version to version for plugin, and also how-to use.
  • Plugin information:-The main php file contains standard plugin information. The header of main page organize the wordpress in which plugin exists and add it in plugin management so it can be activated, load it and run. Without header it never be activated and run.
Plugin development:-The goal of plugins is to accomplish connecting from one or more wordpress plugin "hooks." It works at various times when wordpress is on process. Wordpress prevents that if any of the plugin gets registrate functions in run time due to which it modify the default behavior of wordpress. Templates:-Templates tags are used to add functionality for customized the wordpress plugin. These tags are also used to tags their theme, sidebar, post and content. Tags are also used to add function of geographical list as well as it also tagged with its particular links. Saving data into database:-Many of wordpress are used to get some input from owner site, blog which is used to save it between sessions. It also used for filter, active, and template functions. These are used to save in database between the sessions. Plugin are use to save in 4 different method such as option mechanism, custom fields, taxonomy, Create custom table. Option mechanism:-wordpress plugin development has the power for saving, updating, retrieving, pieces of data in wordpress database. Option mechanism can be serialized in strings, array and get unsterilized when it get retrieved. Option name should be unique and cannot get conflict with any of the wordpress and other plugin. Internationalization:-It is one type of processes for setting up your software. For once your plugin programming is done. It is also used for translating text into different languages. It also used to localize the structure of plugin. Updating plugin:-Wordpress installation and plugin update checks whether wordpress installation with your plugin updates properly and correctly, it also checks weather data get cached or not then it would take time to get update. Wordpress Plugin provides all the basic necessity development of plugins in order to work in different functionality format such as Tags, development of plugin through hook, update of plugin, retrieving of plugin, it also offers saving of data into database, internationalization that gives customized premium wordpress plugin development.
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