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A brief explanation of EPR Certificate and it’s need

Author: Vicky Kumar
by Vicky Kumar
Posted: Mar 20, 2021
epr certificate

EPR certificate is a document required by all the producers of products that entail plastic as one of the manufacturing material. Being a non biodegradable material, plastic is the major source of destruction of our environment. That makes it imperative for the government to seek some way to tie a leash around this particular infection. EPR registration process is just a part of the cure.

And getting the epr registration for plastic waste is the full antidote to pollution. By making it mandatory for the electronic product producers to acquire the EPR certificate, the Central Pollution Control Board has assured that:

  1. All the electronic waste is dealt with.
  2. All the electrical product can be recycled once it becomes obsolete.

But what is EPR certificate in actuality? EPR certificate full form is Extended Producer Responsibility. Thus, you can say that acquiring the certificate, you become the bearer of the extended producer responsibility to deal with the e waste that your factory generates.

Let’s now dive into and get a brief explanation about the EPR certificate

What is EPR Certificate?

Every electronic producer’s product have a potential to go obsolete. When they obsolete, they become electronic wastes. Examples of such products are as follows:

  1. laptops
  2. personal Computers
  3. Chargers
  4. Minim Computers
  5. Mainframe
  6. Washing Machine
  7. or any product that has electric circuits present in them.

These electronic wastes have either fill the landfill or become reusable through the process of recycling. EPR certificate gives mandatory electronic producer responsibility to such manufactures to:

  1. Either recycle or
  2. Dispose of the e wastes.

Not only electronic producers, but the importers of e waste also have to through the EPR registration process. Upon registration, they can EPR certificate for import.

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What is the process to obtain EPR certificate

The steps that entail in the process of obtaining the EPR certificate are as follows:

  1. Fulfil the EPR certificate requirements by putting together a file that contains the right documents for the process.
  2. Fill the application form of EPR certificate online. You can access the EPR portal using a simple Google search.
  3. After receiving the application and the supporting documents along with it, the CPCB will get into action and start analyzing them. If it encounters any issues, you’ll be notified – prompting you to take immediate action and rectify the mistakes mentioned in the notification.
  4. Once the CPCB approves your application and the document, it will initiate the auditing process. It will appoint an inspector who will pay a visit to your facility and assess the premises.
  5. If the assessment results in any issues, you’ll have to again take measures to rectify the situation. After rectification, another inspection will take place to verify whether you have dealt with the issues. If you have, you’ll obtain the EPR certification.
Documents needed to get the EPR certificate

There are many documents that determine whether you’re eligible to get the EPR certificate, and they are other than the receipt of EPR registration fees:

  1. Incorporation certificate
  2. Import Export Code if you seek EPR license for import.
  3. Contact details of the applicant
  4. PAN card of the applicant
  5. Aadhar card of the authorized signatory
  6. BIS license copy
  7. Recycler Details
  8. E waste estimation
  9. Budget you’re spending annually on EPR duties
  10. Awareness program details, if any, in case you’ve created them to make your customers aware about e waste management
  11. Agreement copies
  12. A website content that consists of blogs about e waste management.

Paying the EPR certificate cost seems like a terrible burden to some. However, we assure you that bearing that burden is good for you. By proving that you care for the world around you, you make yourself appear compassionate to your customers. They in turn reciprocate by buying your products. So, to say in brief, the need of EPR certificate is to create an environment of sustainable growth for the customers.

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