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Etiquettes To Keep Up with When Going To a Concert

Author: Ranny Watson
by Ranny Watson
Posted: Mar 26, 2021

Concerts have always been a platform for bands and orchestras to showcase their hard work and preparations. It also gives artists the chance to sell tickets to their family and friends who would attend to see them perform. Concerts are one of the top things which you’ll find in the bucket list of every young blood. However, there are some things one should always take care of whether you’re young or a grown-up person. As we’ve entered a new year, you must be planning for 2021 music festivals, however, do you think you are actually prepared for it? Etiquettes reveal a lot about a person which is why you should keep up within especially when you’re in a public place.

  1. Loudly speaking or laughing

While you’re talking about the performance with your friends, please be careful not to get carried away. For starters, try not to raise our voices or burst out laughing hysterically during the slow passages of a piece or in the transition between two movements.

  1. Kicking chairs

Music festivals 2021 USA will make you more excited than ever before but it is important to not forget some things while you’re at it. It is natural for us to move to the beat of the music, particularly when a favourite song is played. But if you’re doing it keeping your feet on someone’s chair or intentionally disturbing the, you’re about to get in a very weird place.

  1. Not turning on silent mode on your mobile

A phone message warning rings loudly across the hall as the crowd begins to lose themselves in the lovely music. Instead of being captivated by the soloists, everyone is now distracted by the phone owner. On this, we feel sorry for the recording crew.

  1. Screaming names

Names shouted before the start and after the end of a casual concert would be much more appropriate, but not in the middle of a piece or after a solo. That is just so not about the manners a person should have!

  1. Disregard for the rules of the hall

For both the organizers and the audience, every hall has a set of standard operating procedures. Some halls employ ushers who are responsible for ensuring that audience members adhere to the rules. If they say no flash photography is permitted, one should always follow their instructions.

  1. Unnecessary pictures:

You raise your hand to the sky, blocking their view of the band as you take 100 pictures you'll never look at again (except the one you'll post on Instagram to prove you're cool). Take a photograph. Count to ten. However, after you've taken a few early in the show, take a break. Moreover, if someone doing something which you not normal, or in other sense please kill the urge to capture it no matter how funny or weird it is.

Keeping these points in mind, be confident and sure that you’re ready for 2021 music festivals USA. Stay safe and in limits.

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