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Everything You Should Know About Baby molly fish food

Author: Cathi Thinsley
by Cathi Thinsley
Posted: Mar 27, 2021
molly fish

Baby molly fish food being omnivores, feeding on a combination of aquatic plants, algae, and small invertebrates in the wild. In an aquarium environment, MOlly fish can be fed a combination of fresh, frozen, and flake foods

Molly fish should be fed high-quality flakes supplemented with vegetables and occasionally a protein treat. Vegetables like zucchini, cucumber, spirulina, and peas are a great option for Mollys. Regarding the protein supplement, consider giving them live or frozen bloodworms, bring shrimp, daphnia, or black worms.

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How much Molly fish eat?

Feed your Molly two or three times a day, but avoid overeating, never give them more food than they can consume in 2 or 3 minutes. Molly is especially known for overeating and can also feed on live aquarium plants. Food that is not eaten and remains in the aquarium can affect the quality of the water, causing nitrogen levels to increase, so it will be necessary to avoid giving them more food than necessary.

Type of water

  • Water with good oxygenation, and periodic control of nitrites and ammonia.

  • Ideal water hardness 11 degrees and maximum 30 degrees DH.

  • Ph slightly alkaline, between 7 and 8.

  • Temperature can range between 22 degrees and 28 degrees C.

The aquarium for fish Molly

This species of fish is incredibly hardy and is capable of living in both fresh and saltwater environments. They prefer freshwater between 25 and 28 degrees Celsius and a pH between 6.5 and 8. Some of the hybrid varieties can be more susceptible to disease, so a well-filtered aquarium is ideal. Molly fish hobbyist add a small amount of salt to their aquarium for better fish health but keep in mind that the rest of our aquarium will have to withstand it too

Aquarium size requirements for Molly fish are relatively minimal. The smallest species, the short Tail Molly, can do well in a tank as small as 40 liters. Larger varieties of Molly may need a larger liter tank, but even the largest variety will work well in a 115-liter tank.

Larger aquariums offer a more stable environment, are less prone to sudden changes in water condition, and are generally the best choice for your Molly. Molly fish prefer a sandy substrate along the bottom of the aquarium and although they do not spend much time near the bottom, the sandy substrate is suitable for live plants that forever them. Choose tall plant options like Anubias to provide shelter for your Mollys, but also note that they can feed on any live plant in the aquarium. Include caves and crevices in your decor so this peaceful fish has places to escape potential harassment.

Summary of the appropriate aquarium for Molly fish :

  • They prefer a large aquarium with enough space to swim. If space is at a premium, they can suffer from stress problems and become ill or behave aggressively.

  • We must provide them with vegetation and hideouts enough so that they are safe

  • The ideal substrate is coral sand

  • The proper lighting should be a fairly bright aquarium.

  • Place a tablespoon of aquarium salt for every 10-12 liters of water to ensure the good health of the Molly fish.


  • They are peaceful fish and fast swimming requiring an aquarium with sufficient space

  • If they have a shelter, they won't mind going out for a swim without shyness, feeling safe

  • Do not be surprised if you see them nibbling the algae in the aquarium, it is common behavior on Molly.

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