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Virtual Counseling Therapy: The New Norm Post COVID-19

Author: Sarah Kahlon
by Sarah Kahlon
Posted: Mar 30, 2021
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Virtual counseling also known as online counseling is the new norm after the pandemic. People have gone through a lot since the pandemic stroke. The continuous locked down situation that forced everyone to stay within the four walls of the home gave rise to several psychiatric issues.

Anxiety, depression, and stress caused due to loss of jobs and other factors led everyone to look for video counseling therapy online. For those who want to get ahead in life and get rid of the various mental ailments, getting online therapy is a much-needed thing.

Are Virtual Counselors Similar to Psychologists?

A clinical psychologist will aim to diagnose your mental issues by determining your problem areas. His prime focus is the complete diagnosis and prescription of healthy habits that will form a better quality of life.

A counselor is one step ahead of the psychologist. An online counselor or therapist will study your behavior patterns; warn you with the rhythmic changes and stays connected with you at regular intervals to form a healthy life. A counselor works on the weaknesses and helps the patient to face challenges with a proper plan.

Benefits of Virtual Counseling Therapy

Online counseling therapy is as effective as offline counseling. Since online counseling is gaining momentum as the world is getting back to its new normal, here are some benefits of online counseling that are discussed below.

  • Convenient Mode of Therapy

Online counseling is as easy as making a video call to your relative. A patient can get access to healthy talking without needing to commute to distant places. A good conversation with full attention can solve your queries from a distance.

  • Multiple sessions Possible

With video counseling therapy, a patient can get multiple sessions according to the availability of the slots. Depending on the protocols of the practitioner, a patient is free to choose multiple sessions and communicate clearly with the counselor.

  • Remote Support

During the pandemic times when physical support was reduced to a minimum worldwide, online counseling provided the patients with remote support 24 by 7. Even in the post-pandemic period, when the trend of online counseling is mounting the remote support remains to be its top benefit.

  • Perfect Solution for Disabled

For those who can’t commute to distant places, virtual counseling proves to be a boon. The common groups who benefitted from online counseling are elderly people, the disabled, and the housebound. There is no need to get troubled with hectic appointment scheduling as everything is available instantly with a mouse click in online counseling.

  • Cost-Effective

As we need to follow the social distancing norms and avoid visiting crowded places, online counseling is the most cost-effective method of virtual medical facilities. For practitioners as well as for the patients, virtual counseling removes the extra costs. Online counseling saves money by eliminating the need of spending extra money on transportation and other things.


The recent increase in virtual counseling sessions around the world shows that it has been able to tackle the mental issues of patients from a distance. Online therapy has not only been beneficial for a patient but also for a therapist. It has cut down the costs of treating patients, such as the rent or the visiting expenses to a great extent.

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