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Enrich Your Logo Designing Technique and Resolve Your Mistakes

Author: Umz Technologies
by Umz Technologies
Posted: Apr 08, 2021
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With the considerable reach and impact of the internet, millions of people will watch your brand more than the previous time. A unique-looking logo establishes your company or brand name, and it is essential to convey your service via a small icon called a logo.

Though logo designing is a crucial part of business strategy for taking your business to the next step-, it is not easy to choose a logo design. Even many organizations choose the wrong logo, which is not comparable with their services.

Many budding companies don’t take help from professional logo designers, and it ends up with a lousy logo which they can’t change further after making a fanbase. So, it is always better to choose a professional logo design company in Kolkata.

If you are into logo designing and just started your learning process- you should know the pitfalls and mistakes that logo designers usually make and what you should strictly avoid.

Importance of Logo Designing:

Think about your favorite brand- what’s the first thing that came into your mind?

Or, when you see a brand- what else can come into your mind?

The answer is the logo- yes! This small infographic has changed the meaning of branding and marketing. This is so because humans have a sizable visualizing memory rather than remembering a real name!

Logo designing is one of the crucial aspects, while the logo is the best marketing strategy.

Through logo design- your potential leads will understand your company’s motto at first glimpse. It is an accurate representation of your service or company.

Creating the perfect logo is not rocket science, but needless to say that it is a process that a designer should adapt to every day’s practice.

Through gaining experience- a logo designer gets the awareness of requirements of the brand and company’s motto. So, it takes a lot of hardship, experiments, rework, sketching, and creativity. When someone puts all these factors together- a perfect logo is crafted.

Lastly, it is essential to state that there is no perfect formula for creating a logo- all you need to learn the basics and then apply your creativity with techniques and tools.

Sketching, balancing perfect colors, and font designing with an accurate tagline is not easy to explore but not impossible!

Let’s explore those common mistakes which any budding logo designers should strictly unfollow:

The Logo is an Investment:

When it comes to logo designing- a logo costs a lot for a business. Precisely it is an investment.

Not just about investing money in your logo designing- you need to give proper attention to represent your business through the logo!

It is all about understanding the business and company and its aim. Many brands are quirky and funky- you can’t make a logo for those companies in a conventional way. If the company owner wants to represent their brand differently- make sure you can probably deliver the logo.

Your crafted logo must look professional and classy to get maximum attraction from the non-buyers.

To avoid rework and redesigning every time, you must be aware of the basic grammar of logo designing, which will help you deliver the best designs within a few attempts.

Font Choice:

Choosing the right font is one of the struggling points for many new logo designers. When crafting a business logo, selecting the right font is the crucial element to crack the deal.

If your design goes top of the font, then this one of the most stupid and unprofessional mistakes to make. It is a common mistake because of a poor choice of font style like comic sans and papyrus, Bodoni, etc.

Every company has its own individuality, and that’s the way fonts work. Being a logo professional, you must choose the right font that will rightly go with the business motto.

If your client is going to open a café, your font style should be classic, not aggressive, whereas bold font also gives you a fierce look.

Start using various fonts for various brands- pick up any brand you like and make a tagline with few words. Put eclectic font style into a tagline and see the difference.

Too Clumsy:

While you might be excited to make a design- don’t make it too broad and clumsy. There is no better way but simplicity. This is the right way to proceed. Putting too many things in a logo will make a big mess.

Too many things will give a complex and conflicting image, and this will make viewers confused! So, better clear the idea about the business. Suppose you don’t know anything about the industry- research on the internet. Observe the other company’s logo just to get an idea. Now, make a logo using a minimal image.

Using the minimal images give you some hidden benefits like:


You should make a versatile logo. The logo should be designed in different sizes and for various mediums without losing its authentic style, meaning, and perfection.


When a viewer looks at the logo- you make sure that they will stick and think about it later. Your logo should be unique, eye-catching, and easy to remember. That’s why always choose simple designs, maintaining a perfect balance. All new and old consumers should understand your logo art. With one glimpse of eyes- they should sense what company or service is and what it represents.

You are adding too much as designing style can ruin your memorability of the brand. You want to make sure that your design is easy, simple, and attractive.

Too Tangible to Understand:

When it comes to choosing the sketch- it is better not to make it too abstract because the design is for global people who don’t understand complex designs, and there is no need to make it abstract!

Suppose you are still trying to deliver your complex message to your potential leads, no matter how educated they are. In that case, it is impossible to get the abstract logo or read designing correctly.

If a viewer looks at the logo and can’t get the logo's true meaning, then your design is a waste.

The viewer must not struggle and spend a difficult time thinking about the logo! They will eventually lose their interest in the brand and will never want to visit the company.

So, in short- you don’t take any pressure to convey every detailing in your logo- that’s groundless—all it takes are a few simple details like font, color, and space designing of the image.

Copy Others Design:

Say no to copy other designs. You may get inspired and research on the ground level- but it is the safe way to be original and natural. Copying others will ruin your position as a logo designer.

Sometimes it happens unintentionally that your designed logo resembles a lot to another brand’s logo. That’s a co-incident- you may say! Not only will you lose your client's faith- but it is also illegal, and a penalty will be charged.

So. Copying with others will sabotage your market reputation. Moreover, if your design looks similar to the other company’s logo- there is a possibility of multiple comparisons. That’s totally an unexpected lesson for you! If the widely popular brand logo has similarities to your design- the client doesn’t want to trust you further.

Using Raster:

When designing a logo for your client, it’s crucial to use a vector graphics program. A vector graphic is a raster image graphic that works with pixels only. Low resolution will damage your logo design.

So, better to use raster images which will give you better resolution and a clear picture. Using vector graphics- you can edit your logo design in any size and across all the mediums. On the other hand, using a raster graphic will make your logo blocky and more oversized.

As we live in the internet and smartphones era, your logos must fit on various devices. Raster image has no beneficial side, and people can’t get the correct view of your logo on any device.

Go with the trend:

This is another common mistake that most designers make unintentionally. Following the trend is a good thing until your client wants it.

It is said that staying on trend is an essential part, but when you are involved with a creative profession like logo designing- it is better to unfollow the trend. Trends will come and go. It is not ever-lasting, and it becomes cliché by the time.

When you are making a logo- you should think about the future because most companies rely on the sustainable logo, and they don’t prefer to change their logos frequently. So, it is better to choose a classy design that will stay with the brand forever! Selecting professional logo design services is the best way to get the perfect logo.

Following the trend, too much can be your biggest mistake for your market reputation. Many clients don’t prefer following the trends, so it is better to listen to the client, ask all the details about the company, and then do the market research. You keep thinking out-of-the-box when you are sketching out. It will help you to make an individuality as a logo designer.

Final thoughts:

Getting logo design services is not a difficult task now, but sometimes it is tough to get the company's perfect design. Always choose a professional team with an expert graphics designer to enhance your logo services.

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