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The advantages of Sea Moss

Author: Wif Global
by Wif Global
Posted: Apr 08, 2021

Sea moss, also called red seaweed or Irish moss, is a seaweed type that grows throughout the year in inlets and tide pools.

Sea moss is generally harvested in New England to extract carrageen an, a gelatinous carbohydrate utilized in cosmetics and baked goods. Nonetheless, wild crafted sea moss can also be eaten on its own, and is frequently utilized to thicken stews and soups. Let us take a look at the health advantages of this inertial seaweed.

Health Advantages

Ever since celebrities started posted about drinking Jamaican sea moss smoothies, the healthy eating community has been buzzing with information about this superfood, claiming that sea moss can assist with everything from your immune system to the skin. But how many of those advantages are based on science and how many are just rumours.

The reality is that, while people have eaten sea moss for years, scientists are just beginning to research on the medical advantages of sea moss usage. Here is what we have known this far:

It might prevent Parkinson disease

Parkinson’s disease is the second most common degenerative disease found in the older adults.

Parkinson’s disease impacts movement, causing tremors, stiffness, slowness in movement, and there is presently no cure. Nonetheless, more research is required to check if sea moss has the same impact in humans that it has on the worms.

It might enhance the immune system

Initial research shows that wild crafted sea moss can enhance the immune system and might also protect the body from contracting salmonella.

One research showed that Jamaican sea moss can prevent the growth of S Enteritidis, the bacteria that causes salmonella in humans. Nonetheless, this is a very initial research, and has not been reproduced in humans or animals. More research is required to determine whether sea moss can assist in treating or preventing salmonella in humans.

Sea moss is not something that you will find in the regular American diet. But in case you are of an Irish or Jamaican descent, there is a possibility that you might have at least heard about it.

Personally, I am a first generation Jamaican, and growing up, I was just exposed to sea moss as a sugary beverage. When my family go out to a local restaurant to eat jerk chicken or curry goat, I would pick it from the refrigerator in its homemade bottle. The sweet, creamy blend of moss, condensed milk, and nutmeg was an incredible treat after some spicy delights. However, as tasty as this drink is, I knew it wasn’t truly healthy. So as a child, I never thought that sea moss usage had any advantages on its own.

Keep in mind, as sea moss has little or zero flavour, you may get innovative speaking of getting the advantages of this nutritious algae. So don’t be scared to experiment. You may emerge with a new, tasty recipe.

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About the Author

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