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3 Types of Quotes That Make a Huge Difference in Your Day

Author: Jennifer Kropf
by Jennifer Kropf
Posted: Apr 29, 2021
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For most us, we go through the day doing the same things. Perhaps we check the news or put the radio on during the commute to work. Maybe we read the latest tabloid in the waiting room at the dentist’s office. In this way, much of our input flows to us without much awareness.

But what if we became just a little more intentional about the kind of input we let into our world on a daily basis.

A great first step for increasing your inspiration, energy, and happiness is to use quotes. This type of positive input is short and sweet. But it’s also effective.

So, here are three types of quotes that are a beautiful way to spend your time. Write them on your bathroom mirror. Stick them on a post-it to put in your car. Or just flip to them on your phone when you have spare time. Regardless of how you do it, reading a quote is a much better way to spend your time than watching old news or spending an hour on social media.

So, give these a try:

1. Gratitude Quotes

Gratitude quotes are wonderful because they remind you of all the good around you. What can you appreciate today? Open yourself up to abundance by letting in even the small moments that you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. These quotes will make you so much happier!

Find amazing gratefulness quotes HERE>>

2. Motivational Quotes

Inspirational quotes are useful because we could ALL use motivation from time to time. These types of quotes light a fire in our souls and help us make progress towards what’s important to us, instead of getting lost in the mundane of every day.

See inspirational quotes for your vision board HERE>>

3. Love Quotes

And finally, quotes about love remind us of an essential truth. All that really matters is love. Sometimes, in our quest for money and wealth, we forget that in the end it’s the relationships that make our life worthwhile. I’m always reminded of Bonnie Ware, a woman who worked with dying patients. She recorded that the largest regrets of those that are dying include not letting themselves be happier, working less, and keeping in touch with their friends.

So, learn from these people. Make the love you feel for your family, partner, and friends a top priority by exposing yourself to quotes that remind you of this.

Find sweet parent/child quotes HERE>>

In Conclusion

I hope these quotes give you inspiration for the kind of life you want to create as well as a reminder that we only get one lifetime. And it goes by in the blink of an eye. Make sure that you are ruthless with how you spend your time and the kind of input you expose yourself to.

If you spend your entire day around negativity, you’ll be a negative person. Yet, if you make positivity your base, you’ll have a much more inspired life. And you’ll have more energy and creativity as a result.

So, what does your daily input look like?

About the Author

Jenn writes at her blog She’s a mom of three looking to learn and grow. Check it out if you love helpful tips on health, family, and personal growth.

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