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All About Fuel Card Benefits

Author: Austin Ames
by Austin Ames
Posted: Mar 27, 2012

Gasoline cards are a type of credit card that gives you the opportunity to save money on fuel costs. Some gas cards offer bonus or cash back on everything you buy at a gas station, while other cards only provide benefits when you buy gasoline. High cost of fuel means that it is possible to save a good deal of money on gasoline cards, but remember that this ultimately is a credit card. Here you can search for petrol and credit cards.

There are a wide range of cards with a wide range of bonuses and other benefits. What to some extent making a petrol card a little different is the fact that we are talking about the purchase of a necessary product. A credit card that gives discounts on flights or on the purchase of clothing, will to some degree means that you buy unnecessary things. Such cards can therefore increase the temptation and the possibility of overuse. It is not the case with a fuel card. For the vast majority of gasoline are a necessity and the same amount purchased, regardless of method of payment and benefits.

About Fuel Cards

There are several types of credit cards with several types of benefits, which is also the case for so-called fuel cards. Most gas cards will fall into one of two main categories. One type of gas card is “regular” credit cards that offer advantages for all purchases of gasoline, while the other type of gas card is associated with a particular company and only provide benefits in gas stations affiliated with this company. Both of these types of credit cards have unique advantages, but also potential pitfalls that you should be aware of.

The advantage of the fuel card is simply the opportunity to save money. Expenses for gasoline are too many very high and cash back for example, 5 percent will be a significant amount. Remember to check the conditions and benefits at more cards before you choose. Cashback has the advantage that the money you earn can usually be used freely, while bonus points are often tied to specific rewards. Also note that some cards that are not defined as gasoline cards will also give discounts on gasoline. More information can be found in the article Credit - Bonuses and Cash Back.

If you choose a clean fuel cards will usually be the highest reward in relation to what you save on gasoline, but it does not mean that this is the best choice if you only have a credit card. A fuel card will basically do not give discounts on other goods and services, so you can miss out on rewards. You should always consider whether such a card is the right choice for you. If you have general economy, a gasoline card and a credit card with other advantages are a good option.

Let's say you charge your gas card with 20.0000kr in a given period. Of these 5.000kr gone to gasoline, where the card provides 6 percent cash back. You will then have earned / saved 300kr using your gas card. An alternative would be a credit card with cash back on all purchases. You will not get as high reward at a petrol card, but you will get the entire sum. But cash back of 2.5 percent would, for example, have earned / saved 500kr. It does not mean that a fuel card is a bad choice. This example shows that one should be aware of its use. Take petrol card which provides benefits and preferably a different credit card for other purchases.


As mentioned, you should always check conditions before you select the gas card. Are there limits to how much cash back or bonus you can save up? Which gas stations may be used for? What are the conditions to release the earned points? What conditions have competing gas card? It is also important to check the effective interest rate and any other fee. Ultimately, this is also a credit card. This means that you must pay interest if you fail to comply with payment deadlines. This again means that the length of the interest-free period should also be part of the assessment before choosing gas cards. If you do not pay within this period will incur interest costs known and it is, strictly speaking, little assistance in any benefits. Good cash back of 6 percent does not help if you also have to pay high interest rates.

It is possible to save a good deal of money on gasoline cards. It depends first and foremost, to avoid interest burden. To get the most out of a petrol card, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages against each other. Are there better alternatives? It is best to compare the amount of rewards you get, for example, for every ten bucks, you can charge the card. If you have good self-discipline and straightforward personal finance, a petrol card and a credit card with rewards for other groups mentioned is a good opportunity to save the most money.

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