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Everything you need to know to buy a private plane

Author: Rhys Faulkner
by Rhys Faulkner
Posted: Apr 21, 2021
private jets

Private jets are the closest thing to teleportation in the 21st century. With a private jet you can fly anywhere you want in an environment that is perfectly tailored to your needs. If you or your company can afford to buy such an aircraft, you must decide which model to buy and how to equip it. Ashley Namihas, Cessna Regional Sales Director for Northern Europe discusses how to make the right choice when it comes to the latest in private aviation.

The advantages of a private jet Get closer to your destination

Around 500 airports in Europe are operated by commercial airlines, but there are about 5,000 airports and airfields accessed by private jets. This means less likelihood of a long-distance transfer by helicopter or ground transportation.

You can reach inaccessible places

Around 96 percent of air connections (the journey between two different airports) operated by aviation companies worldwide do not have scheduled commercial flights, which means that you can travel to these European cities in one day and return. to have dinner with the family.

They are much more flexible

With a private jet, you can reach small terminals five minutes before the plane leaves, set the time you want to fly, and make changes on short notice. You will not have to endure the common problems of commercial flights, where the waits are endless and there are strikes.

Who should buy a private jet? The companies

It is a myth that luxury is the main use of private jets. Half of the Cessna Citation itineraries are optimized by owner pilots; the other half is destined for client companies. Charter and fractional-owned operators like NetJets also buy many aircraft.

Owner pilots

Among those who would gladly buy their own aircraft are, for example, owner pilots, a wealthy doctor, or a wealthy real estate agent with a great passion for flying. The best you can aspire to in the airfield is your own jet. Many people have their own Citation jets to fly around the world and are certified to fly alone. The Citation M2 is especially well equipped for this category of owner pilot.

Individuals with a high net worth

There are some high net worth individuals who can afford to purchase their own private jet. The normal thing is that these clients do not know how to fly well, so they hire their own pilots.

How do people use their own private jets? Business

About 90 percent of private jets are for company use, so companies can keep their highly paid executives productive, especially in companies negotiating M&A where face-to-face meetings are extremely important.

Special missions

Other less common uses of private jets are special missions such as aerial reconnaissance missions in which organizations have an aerial surveillance interest or for military purposes. For example, private jets were used for Ebola evacuations in October 2014 using a Citation Super IIXR aircraft with a cargo hatch. Oil companies use private jets like Eclipse 500 to transport high-value parts from oil rigs to alleviate a problem that could cost millions in lost productivity.


You hear rare examples of the uses some people make of private jets. There was once a customer who took a flight to fish in northern Norway, but left his fishing pole, a trophy, at his home in London. He sent a plane to pick her up. On another occasion, a wealthy individual ordered an expensive plate of sushi delivered from his favorite restaurant in London to a party he was hosting in his villa in Italy.

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