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Masala Chai: An Indian Emotion.

Author: Boston Chai Party
by Boston Chai Party
Posted: Apr 25, 2021
masala chai

Chai is an emotion, especially for Indians. It is a medium that strikes fresh and positive conversations. A morning without a cup of Indian chai makes the day seem incomplete. A massive population of overseas Indian workers or service providers miss their delicious patron morning tea there abroad. Google searches like "Indian chai near me" have flooded the internet from abroad. However, few start-ups have realized this absence of authentic Indian chai abroad. Not only Indians but also American natives miss the taste of Indian chai just with one sip.

One popular variant of the Indian chai recipe is the masala chai. People all across the globe reminisce about the taste after the first sip. It is a surprising and super refreshing blend of black tea and Indian spices. It has the capability of rejuvenating any kind of stress you are burdened with. Let us find out a bit more about this unique tea preparation.

The Earliest Evidence of Masala Chai

While many consider this masterpiece recipe as old as 9000 years ago, people tend to believe it dates back 5000 years. Masala chai originated as an amalgamation of royal beverages and ayurvedic medicine. Earlier medics or practitioners experimented by mixing various natural herbs to see what is beneficial. The tales believe that masala chai was welcomed one fine morning in a king’s court as a cleansing and energizing ayurvedic beverage.

Even at that time, masala chai had several preparation methods and included a plethora of spices. Back then, it used to get typically served as a hot or cold medicine for tender ailments. However, in those days, this spicy drink did not involve black tea leaves and was caffeine-free. These thousand years have seen this ayurvedic beverage evolve into an exotic morning concoction. Its worldwide fan base is growing with no bounds. Beverage searches even in the US are incomplete without a "masala tea near me."

Benefits of this sensational beverage

Instead of "masala tea near me," try searching for "masala tea benefits" google will display a wide range of health benefits. Yes, not only is this beverage tasteful and refreshing, but it also comes with numerous benefits. Let us find out how.

  • Antioxidant properties

Owing to the wide variety of spices, masala chai comes with extensive antioxidant benefits. It typically prevents cold and cough. A unique antioxidant called Carnosic acid helps elders cope with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

  • Maintains heart health

A significant ingredient of masala tea is cinnamon which also gets regarded as a medicated spice. It keeps bad cholesterol and hypertension under check. Moreover, it improves digestion and gut, and overall heart health.

  • Boosts immunity

The recipe of masala tea is built to consist of every ingredient needed to boost one’s immunity. Masala tea also alleviates your sleep problems, which is also a product of immunity boost and digestion improvement.

Wrapping Up

So, what are you waiting for? Masala chai is a recipe that you can also prepare at home. Take a tour of some recipe videos, or if you’re too lazy, search for "Indian chai near me" and get a readymade cup of energy served hot.

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We are a Boston area, wholesome beverage start-up. We are solving what we see as a problematic current state of Chai affairs in the US. 

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