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My experience of traveling to Argentina, in a shell

Author: James Smith
by James Smith
Posted: Apr 27, 2021

Argentina is the epitome of diversity and shared adventures. I have shared about my experience of Argentina and everything in between.

There is an interesting story behind how this trip came to be. It wasn’t your average, I-dreamed-about-Exploring-Argentina-and-I-hopped-on-to-the-next-flight-story. This experience has three generations of women working to break the wheel.

My mother is a single mom and has worked to her bones to bring food on the table. Living in a metropolitan city comes with a price. She would work two jobs just so she could provide a life with dignity to me and my grandmother. I promised myself that I would make a beautiful life for myself and my family. I have very vague memories of my father. He left us to our devices. I think that was the best present I could have got from him. Without his presence things took a new form, new perspective. Though money was an issue but never big enough to hurl my sanity down the stairs. I learned not the price but value of things. I graduated the top of my class and got a great job offer at a reputed company. Soon things started to look up for us. My mother no longer had to work two jobs and my grandmother got her favorite arm chair. One evening when all three of us were drinking our evening tea at the porch, my grandmother expressed her desire to travel. I got intrigued because she had never mentioned anything about traveling to me. I asked if she had any place in mind. Her timid fingers went up to fix her presbyopia glasses. She looked like she was summoning an old fond memory. After a while she looked at my mother and said that she wants to see Argentina once more. She recalled a time when my mother had just born and my grandfather was stationed far away. He returned just to see his new born daughter. My grandmother asked him to take all three of them for a short trip. And so they all went to Argentina. It’s been several decades since that happened but I could see the way the mention of that trip brought a faint smile to my grandmother’s lips. My mother was worried about my grandmother being able to be in a plane for such long hours but I assured her that she will be fine. I looked for airlines that had excellent assistance for elderly. I found one and booked three return ticket to Argentina. We landed at Ministro Pistrani Ezeiza International Airport (EZE) which looked like one busy airport to me. Apparently, it handles 85% of traffic, among all airports in Argentina. We called an Uber since I had heard that Uber is a better option than taxis in Argentina. We checked in at our hotel. My room had a beautiful view of the city. After an hour or so, I went back check on my mother and grandma. She looked a little pale but said that she is just tired. For our dinner since my grandmother said she did not want room service, we booked a table at a nearby café. The staff at the café were polite and paid extra attention to my grandma. We had a light dinner because we were still a little jet lagged. I made plans to see some tourist attractions the next day. Grandma said she wants to go hiking. All three retired to our rooms at 10. At around 3 I got a phone call from my mother saying my grandma is not feeling well. I went to her room, she looked even more pale than before. My mother and I decided to shorten our trip by three days.

I right away called customer support at Qatar Airways and narrated her my issue. She listened patiently and searched for the next flight back home. The process of Qatar Airways Manage Booking as so easy and hassle-free. I was able to return with my family in time just because of Qatar Airways and how they managed my booking.

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Hi, it’s James Smith. I’m very passionate about exploring unique places and keep some beautiful thoughts in my minds and I am also travel lover & blogger and writes my own experiences. am here to make some good friends and share my experience.

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