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7 Elements of Graphic Design to Boost Your Brand

Author: Guru Chavan
by Guru Chavan
Posted: May 02, 2021

7 Elements of Graphic Design to Boost Your Brand

Designing is presumed to be the first and very important rule in your brand establishment, it might be your brand or a brand of your client all the steps to make it successful need to be followed. Brand development is not only dependent on how it is marketed and promoted; everything has an ere analytics in which the segments of design matter.

Hereby designing, we mean Graphic designing is a true branding buff like Logo creation, Site designing, the printing section, etc. everything is interconnected to each other and a designer is the one to make it happen accurately and flexible enough to attract the target audience.

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Here are the proper 7 in-detail steps about what you will be taking from this guide to design your graphics that will boost your brand.

1.Proper analysis.

2.Latest software use.

3.stick to trends.

4.Logo creation.

5.Fundamentals of design.

6.Follow the color scheme.

7.Digitalize the plan.

1.Proper analysis.

Analyzing is doing a precise study about your brand with this we mean you should know the exact motive of your brand by studying its services and competitive in the market before it's launching. The target audience and their point of view when they will look at your brand all of these will bring their attention towards you and hence proper analyzation is required.

2.Latest software use.

However, what your designing suits, using the latest software will provide more sufficiency in designing to provide the client. You need to learn how Graphic design optimizes your marketing efforts' overall channels and is key to building a professional brand.

The latest software use in the designing industry is:

  • Adobe Photoshop. Image via Engaged. Adobe Photoshop is easily the most recognizable graphic design software.

  • Canva—drag-and-drop online editor.

  • Scribus—free InDesign alternative.

  • Autodesk Sketchbook—free sketch software.

These are the ongoing latest software for graphic designing you should use for creating the best of designs.

3.stick to trends.

Trends give you a state of advancement in your working style as well as that of your brand development. Where you will be striking all the requirements to boost your designs. with that also aid in proceeding education. As a graphic designer, your knowledge should never stop once you receive your degree or diploma because you'll need to constantly sharpen your skills in new styles.

The new designing trends you should follow are:

  1. 3D design. After several years of designs being fabulously flat, 3D designing is a prime trend.

  2. Minimal meets BOLD color. The mantra "less is more" has dominated design in recent years.

  3. Realism + Flat design.

  4. Open layouts.

4.Logo creation.

Logo formation is the origin of all your designing sections. It will decide all the further patterns of color combination and layout styles.

For. e.g., COCA-COLA Logo story.

The Coca-Cola logo is iconic for being universally recognizable.

This timeline reveals some variations we’ve noticed to the design since the first-ever Coca-Cola was poured over 130 years ago.

Dr. John S Pemberton spilled the formula of naming on 8th May 1886, but it was his clerk who bought the name "Coca-Cola®".

Frank M Robinson, recommended that "the two Cs would look great in advertising". and with that, he designed the world-famous Coca-Cola script logo.

  • 1887-the 1890s – Inserting the trademark

On January 31, 1893, the logo was trademarked with the U.S. Patent Office. The words "Trademark" are written in the tail of the "C" in Coca.

  • 1890-1891 – Extra swirls for one year only, the Coke logo gets a dramatic, swirly makeover.

  • 1941-the 1960s – Tail tweak the words ‘Trademark Registered’ move out of the tail of the ‘C’. The trademark is noted below the logo, instead of inside it.

  • 1947-the 1960s – The Coca-Cola Red Disc Since 1947, the Red Disc or "button" sign has been used to advertise Coca-Cola. The strong graphic image of the disc shape became a cornerstone for outdoor signage. In 1948, the discs began to be hung inside a place of business as advertising and decoration.

  • 1958-1960s – A fishy shape This period sees the script placed inside an Arciform shape, which looks like an arch. The Arciform sign (better known as the "Fishtail" sign) was unveiled in 1958. Within a year, the Arciform design was used in copy, signage, cartoons, and vending machines.

  • 1969 – That white wave The Arden Square logo is unveiled. In a red box, the Coca-Cola script is underlined with a white ‘wave’, or ‘Dynamic Ribbon Device. This is still used today.

With a lot more modifications and new designing with some of the other reasons, they finally fixed its logo as this brand is worth $80.83 billion and has survived a handful of rebrands during the years. But one thing continued the same, the iconic logotype.

Y'all could say that Coca-Cola knows what works best for them other elements that circled their brand name typography modified drastically through the years but they knew their logo owns a strong household staple long enough to ever be revised.

Well, the brand stood remarkable through the right steps of designer from deciding the name to building the logo so attractive and innovative to keep acknowledged and all of this is a result of productive logo creation.

5.Fundamentals of design.

The principles of design are the habits a designer must follow to create an effective and attractive creation. The fundamental principles of design are Emphasis, Balance and Alignment, Contrast, Repetition, Proportion, Movement, and White Space. All of this will be visible through your plan layout and if it is used correctly then there will be visual communication formed.

6.Follow the color scheme.

When you accurately follow all the above steps, you have a perfectly outlined logo easy to describe your brand. The color scheme further, which can be on your website, prints, packaging, or other designing custom needs to be suitable and under the color scheme from the color wheel as per drawing fundamentals. That will enhance the overall look of your branding.

7.Digitalize the plan.

Now that you have become a pro with the above-followed steps and your sketch is all done, get started with digitalizing your design. With accurate sizing and following plan, principles let your design speak your brand visually.

You have come a long way and got yourself great ideas about boosting your brand with graphic designing elements and incase if you are still looking for the best graphic design course and make it easy to achieve, do check out the experts, e-Drishyam one of the best graphic designing institutes in thane with topmost leading animation & VFX institute in thane adding the plus spike by presenting the best digital marketing course in thane.

Always ready to assist you and your doubts.

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