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5 Ways to Secure Big Name Guests for Your Podcast

Author: Explore the Space Show
by Explore the Space Show
Posted: May 06, 2021

The single most challenging challenge you'll face if you run an interview-based podcast, particularly in its early stages, is securing podcast guests. It's a process that can be both frustrating and time-consuming. As a result, it's important to be as reliable as you are strategic when it comes to securing the visitors.

As a result, here are five foolproof ways to get the big-name podcast guests your listeners want:

Your immediate network is the starting point for your Quest

The prospect of recruiting podcast guests at the start of your podcast may be overwhelming. However, your immediate network should be your first port of call. Do you know any consultants, clinicians, or psychiatrists if the podcast is on mental health and wellness? Will you have any friends who have been to therapy? Or who believe themselves to be activists for mental health?

When you imagine your families, colleagues, employers, and anyone else with whom you have a direct connection, you'll be astounded not just by the number of possible podcast guests you have at your hands, but also by who they might meet. Never underestimate your immediate network's size. People who are looking for red eye podcast and insomnia podcast, for those is the best spot to hit.

Email is Your Buddy

No, seriously. We live in a moment where connectivity is incredibly necessary. So, whether you use social media accounts, official websites (and their contact forms), or simply inquire about, finding an email address to contact your future podcast guests is easier than ever.

When sending a "cold" email (one with which you have no previous relationship), though, it's vital to properly present yourself, state your intentions, and reveal who you are contacting on behalf of (which in this instance would be your podcast). It's also a good idea to list any notable podcast guests you've had previously. Also, make sure they know what there is to know about your podcast (its premise, target demographic, etc.) and why they will be a good match. And the biggest names in your industry would be surprised by how open they are to a well-crafted note. So don't be afraid to press the Send button. We leading the era with great services of barbell medicine podcast and grey's anatomy podcast.

Solicit, Solicit, Solicit

Waiting for good things brings good things, but asking for better things brings better things. Let your audience know that your door is open for visits in your email or on your social media pages.

If you're looking for a specific niche or skill set rather than a specific person, be as specific as possible in your description. Request that someone who has been involved email you directly. You never know who is reading your email or watching you on social media, so don't be afraid to go for broke. The most critical point to remember about solicitation is that there are thousands of highly trained specialists and practitioners in hundreds of fields who are eager to present their work in front of an audience. You're not only looking for visitors, but you're also looking for exciting, convincing guests. We are providing the best services of barbell medicine podcast, grey's anatomy podcast and gutsy health podcast, with the assistance of our highly trained professionals.

It's Helpful to Mix and Mingle

If you want to secure visitors, never underestimate the strength of face-to-face networking. Find Meetup parties, happy hours, conventions, business mixers, workshops, and everything else relevant to the industry, and go meet some people. Especially if the event features speakers or panelists who already have a following.

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