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Advantages and disadvantages of using acrylic materials in advertising industry

Author: Propeller48 Propeller48
by Propeller48 Propeller48
Posted: May 09, 2021
  1. Color:acrylic tubing are bright in color and have a color durability of 5-8 years. In other words, the color transferred to acrylic by spray painting or UV will not change color or fade within 5-8 years. No fading, which even metal words or inkjet are incomparable.
  2. Transparency:The transparency of acrylic is relatively high, while PVC board is relatively hard with poor transparency.Acrylic is a kind of material with high transparency. It is a colorless transparent plexiglass plate, and its light transmittance is more than 92%, which is almost consistent with transparent glass. The toughness is 16 times that of ordinary glass, which is more durable than glass.At the same time, in terms of cost, the production cost of these characteristic glasses is much higher than that of acrylic. Under the same toughness and light transmittance index, the cost performance of acrylic is very high.
  3. Gloss: (texture)Compared with traditional ceramic materials, acrylic has incomparable high brightness, but it is weaker than metal.

4. Tolerance: (impact resistance, impact resistance, strength index)Compared with PVC, thick wall acrylic tube is not resistant to impact and solvent,With the same thickness, the impact strength of PVC is 30-50 times that of acrylic plate. PC thick plate is bulletproof material from 6 mm, and ordinary adults can't break 3 mm PC plate with a hammer.Acrylic material is also brittle and easy to damage. It's useless to fall to the ground carelessly. It will be spent when it comes to some highly corrosive chemical materials. PVC will be more durable and thicker.

  1. Weather resistance: (heat resistance, temperature resistance, weather resistance)Acrylic board is easy to soften when it reaches 70 degrees, while PVC is 120 degrees, so PVC is more heat-resistant and widely used in working temperatureHowever, extruded acrylic tubing also have certain weatherability and can withstand high temperature, strong ultraviolet and sunlight.First of all, it has strong UV resistance, which is one of the reasons why it won't fade. In addition, it can resist high temperature 70?, low temperature 50?, in this range, will not change. Most areas of our country will not have this temperature difference, so in the outdoor, customers can rest assured to use.The heat resistance of PVC reaches the level of flame retardant material, which belongs to class B flame retardant (ul94-v2 internationally). It is one of the self extinguishing plastics and is not easy to burn, while acrylic board is not flame retardant.
  2. Corrosion resistance:In ordinary environment, acrylic signboard is not easy to be corroded, discolored and deformed by acid and alkali.But acrylic will spend when it comes to some highly corrosive chemical materials, PVC will not.
  3. Scratch resistance:PVC is the bubble, but the density is much higher than the bubble, but also enough soft nails can leave a trace, the pinch does not necessarily have traces.
  4. Environmental protection:The environmental protection of PMMA is better than that of PVC. Some manufacturers of PVC may add plasticizers (plasticizers) into their formulations. If the plasticizers are not well selected, they will be harmful to human body. In addition, acrylic leftovers can be recycled, which is very in line with the requirements of modern materials.
  5. Reprocessing, plasticity:Acrylic board is the best of all plastic profiles, but also the most easy to process plastic materials.? The thermoforming properties of acrylic are goodAs mentioned above, acrylic is invariant between 70? and 50?. When the temperature reaches a certain temperature, the acrylic plate can soften rapidly. After softening, it can form various shapes according to the shape of the mold. After cooling to the normal temperature, its physical properties are stabilized.? It has strong machinabilityCan use cutting, electric saw, drilling and other tools for special-shaped processing of acrylic plate, flexibility is relatively good. In general, acrylic board will not crack (compared with plexiglass).
  6. Price: PVC raw materials are cheap, acrylic (PMMA) raw materials are expensive.plexiglass tubes home depot is high-grade and expensive, but it is not durable as PVC; PVC grade is relatively low, but the price is cheaper, more durable than acrylic.
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