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9 clever techniques advertisers use to create an appealing advertisement

Author: Guru Chavan
by Guru Chavan
Posted: May 13, 2021

  1. 9 clever techniques advertisers use to create an appealing advertisement

Advertising a brand or business technique differs with its type, target audience, use, and most importantly by audience expectations. Hence not always the techniques that worked for one product may work for another too, which is why we Baleen Media are here to assist you to develop your brand with prominent advertising technique as we stand as the best advertising agency in Chennai.

Currently, every firm wants to advertise its product to inform the consumers about the product, boost sales, earn market value, and win reputation and name in the industry. All business spends bundle of money for advertising their products but the amount spent will succeed only when the best techniques of advertising are used for the product.

So here are the successful basic and most applied techniques of advertising used by the advertisers.

  1. 1.Emotional Appeal.

This advertising message is based on imagery rather than a piece of information it is a clear attempt to obtain the viewer's attention by evoking strong emotional feelings such as fear, anger, passion, etc. than by a logical appeal.

  1. 2.Unfinished Ads.

The advertisers here just perform with words by stating that their product serves better but don't explain clearly how much more than their competitor. The ads don't state who can eat more or how much more nourishment they have, For e.g., Lays.

  1. 3.Present Social Situation.

Here the advertiser intends to showcase the present scenario happening in the surrounding of the location the ad is getting published or the social activity happening on the globe. This gets more attention and interest from the viewers.

  1. 4.Awareness.

The main purpose of this technique is too aware the audience of certain crises or to improve a state of action in the locality that influences them to take action over it or stop something. For e.g., Covid-19 ads.

  1. 5.USP.

When a product is launched and it has several competitors in their market, they tend to keep a USP (Unique Selling Point) to create a point of uniqueness on their product. This technique is used while a new product launches or relaunches.

  1. 6.Benefits.

The audience is eager to invest in something which benefits them or their family. This makes them feel, investing in a good returns brand. This technique is a combination of emotional appeal or USP in the practice.

  1. 7.Offers.

The target audience is often looking for offers and discounts from brands. Offers are discounts that encourage people to shop on your website, at your physical shop, or both. In this technique, you can create an offer ad to reach more people.

  1. 8. Facts and Statistics

Here, advertisers use numbers, proofs, and real examples to show how good their product works. E.g. "Lizol floor cleaner cleans 99.99% of germs" or "Colgate is recommended by 70% of the dentists of the world" or Eno - just 6 seconds. This makes the product stay remarkable in the minds of buyers and create CTA.

  1. 9.Ideal Family and Ideal Kids

The advertisers using this technique show that the families or kids utilizing their product is a happy go lucky family. The ad has a neat and well-furnished home, well-mannered kids and the family is a simple and engaging kind of family. E.g., a Dettol soap ad shows everyone in the family using that soap and so is always protected from germs.

  1. Conclusion

These are the important techniques used by advertisers to advertise their products. There are some modified techniques used for online advertising such as web banner advertising in which a banner is fixed on web pages, content advertising using content to advertise the product online, etc. But what technique it is you should know which suits your brand well and how can it be more creative than the previous ads in the market. But to make it even easy, we as the best advertisement agency in Chennai, Baleen Media have our experts in advertisement ready to assist you and your brand with suitable advertising techniques and win the sales.

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