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5 Great Ways to Keep Kids Busy on Road Trips

Author: Jennifer Kropf
by Jennifer Kropf
Posted: May 13, 2021
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With summer coming, many of us are planning moderate travel after a year of staying at home.

But with this comes longer car rides with the kids, and any parent knows that’s not particularly easy. So, today, we’re looking at 5 simple things you can do with your kids in the car to stay upbeat and keep them entertained without hours of screen time.

1. Play Question Games

We absolutely LOVE this never have I ever questions game. And it works particularly well in the car when we’re all together anyways. Other options include "would you rather questions," conversation starters, and "how well do you know me questions." These can keep you talking and bonding for hours.

2. Listen to a Book or Podcast

When you need something to focus everyone’s attention, turn on an audiobook or fun podcast. Our family loves the kids podcast "What the Wow" and it can keep the kids happy for long periods of time without any effort on our part.

If you can’t find a great audiobook, just have a parent read from a book that’s a family favorite. Kids will love hearing about their favorite fantasy story. After it’s over, encourage discussion and see if kids would give it a different ending or change the characters.

3. Play Car Games

Simple games work well in the car! Get them going on tic tac toe, I spy, a scavenger hunt, or rock paper scissors.

The license plate game is another one that’s great for long periods of time. For this game, the family will see how many different states they can find on license plates they pass on the road. Most parents remember doing this as a kid too!

4. Encourage Coloring

Individual reading is sometimes difficult in the car because we can all get a little queasy in the car. However, coloring is the perfect activity! It allows them to focus on something other than the ride, plus it encourages their creativity. So, be sure to bring coloring pencils, white paper, a clipboard, and coloring pages. If kids are a bit older, dry erase markers and a small dry erase board are a fun idea for something different!

Mazes, sticker books, and puzzle books also work really well here!

5. Play a Game of MadLibs

MadLibs are great because these activities can be played verbally, and it gives everyone a good laugh when you’re tired of a long trip. Try a few different versions you see at the store and see what you think! This is also a great activity for when waiting in a restaurant or in line at the store!

In Conclusion

Try these out and I hope you find them as fun as we do! And, when all else fails, it’s ok to use snacks and screens when your sanity is at stake. That’s my mom opinion anyways! Sometimes you are low on energy and you just need to make it through!

Enjoy your summer travel with kids this year friends!

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Jenn writes at her blog She’s a mom of three looking to learn and grow. Check it out if you love helpful tips on health, family, and personal growth.

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