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Convert quickly and smoothly only through HTML - RTF Converter

Author: Sub Systems
by Sub Systems
Posted: May 20, 2021

With the latest advancements in modified computer applications, end-users and also non-professional individuals can now utilise easy-to-use and flexible applications effortlessly and comfortably. One of such applications is the HTML - RTF Converter, an easy and advanced online tool to convert HTML files to RTF. The converter offers a lucid and hassle-free process of converting between HTML and RTF formats within the adapted application. No other external components or programmes are required when the user is applying this unique converter.

What is the Attributes Supported by HTML to RTF Converter?

  • Conversion between HTML to RTF, and vice-versa
  • Supports JPEG, PNG, GIF, WMF, and EMF image formats
  • Convert amidst many different text documents
  • Aids in converting process in between files such as doc, docx, xls, html, and xlsx
  • It supports diverse fonts, colours, and styles
  • Has different paragraph formatting attributes like, centering, indentation, and justification
  • It supports headers and footers, along with tables and nested tables
  • The embedded graphics in RTF files are instinctively saved to disk with a link in the produced HTML file
  • It has also Unicode assistance
  • It helps in converting thousands of files instantly, and without any error
  • The users can share documents with colleagues and clients, even if they are utilising different word processing software
  • It also supports in creating paper size, orientation, and margin space for RTF output
  • Users can apply click menu for converting documents easily

What can be the Prime Reasons to use an HTML to RTF Converter?

Amongst the basic reasons to utilise such converter is that, HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is one of the most dependable formats of creating web pages for any website. Such web pages are developed utilising suitable markup languages. Besides, a lot of many pages are connected by the links that form such websites. The text editors alter these files with a similar extension, as they are standard text documents. Thus, to avert all such inaccurate displays, it is advised to utilise specialised software. Now, if the users want to upload their files or documents online, they will require a converter, that will assist in converting their specific documents into HTML format.

As, it is an arduous task of converting all the HTML documents, while needing a flawless combination to create the HTML files in the desired format, it is better to purchase an easy converter. With such a user-friendly converter, the users get assistance with faster conversions with thousands of files within batches instantly, while acquiring precise data converted at the least possible cost.

What is the Importance of using RTF Formats?

RTF or Rich Text Format or File is readable across diverse platforms and programmes and is very user-friendly. The RTF format is assimilated within the windows that enable easy conversions between different application extensions. This unique format offers to produce a document in a specific operating system while converting the same to a different operating system. All the fundamental word processing programmes can easily read RTF. Among other applications that can properly read the RTF formats are operating systems such as, Windows, Mac, and UNIX, along with desktop database applications, and email clients.

When the users are using MS-Word, AppleWorks, Corel WordPerfect, and identical word processing applications and OS, utilising RTF are pretty easy. For saving a document in RTF format, the users can choose the ‘Save As’ option from the file menu, and select RTF. Hence, individuals can find it easy to print text in MS-Word, saving the same in.rtf extension, thereupon exporting the same file to the recipient. Now, RTF files can be opened with any latest editors that can assist in formatting text documents. In such formats, the users can easily save the selection setups for text extracts, underlined texts, and colour information for the designers.

Final Verdict

Our software utilises a user-friendly approach to convert between the HTML and RTF formats. It comes with a powerful RTF parser applied by our TE Edit Control product, along with a secured HTML parser utilised by the HTML add-on product. Hence, this converter integrates the effectiveness of TE Edit Control and HTML add-on for providing a feature-packed, dependable, and economical converter.

Therefore, without any second thought, it would be sensible to order easy-to-use HTML - RTF Converter only from Sub Systems, having around 35 years of extensive software expertise.

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Sub Systems offers different types of tools that are highly useful for converting documents just in the click of a mouse. They are useful for day to day business use as well.

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