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What features to check when buying a hunting camera?

Author: Spy Security
by Spy Security
Posted: May 29, 2021
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Due to the rapid advances in technology, most hunters consider the hunter camera an indispensable part of their hunting accessories. Apart from scouting for wildlife and deer, hunting cameras can be deployed as security cameras at your house to display an image of a person who steps in front of the security camera. However, due to the presence of several hunting cameras out there, the most important question you should ask yourself is, "How to choose your cameras?" Let's take a look at some of the features of a GSM hunting camera you should consider while buying one:

  • Video and image quality

Your camera's primary objective should be to capture images of intruders and wildlife. So, you need to ensure that your camera can click the best quality of images to suit your needs. An image's quality is determined in terms of MP or megapixels. While most of us are tempted to select a camera with a high megapixel count, it's only essential if you are willing to capture wildlife photos or trying to scout your home's safety needs. A camera with a moderate megapixel can cut it. Apart from capturing awe-inspiring photos, some of these hunting cameras can record a video for you, especially when you're willing to record the deer's mischiefs. Like the images, a camera with high resolution will record a sharper and clearer video. A video resolution lying in between 720p and 1080p will fall under the HD category. Consequently, it is a perfect choice for those hunters willing to observe a deer's fine details, strolling throughout an area.

  • Recovery time and trigger speed

Other than the image and video quality, the recovery time and trigger speed are the crucial features to consider while choosing a spy camera. Trigger speed is the time it can take a camera to capture a photo after detecting a motion. A camera that comes with a good trigger sped can click the moving deer's full image more efficiently. On the contrary, a recovery time is a minimal time it can take the camera to click the next image. Although several cameras out there can allow you to alter the minimal delay time, the recovery time taken by your camera will determine how fast it can capture a new photo at the highest setting. Like the trigger speed, the amount of recovery time can vary as per the price range of cameras. The short recovery speed is ideal for observing areas where a deer can cross with its group. However, a long recovery time can be useful while observing food plots.

  • Types of flash

The next vital feature you should go for is the camera detector flash type. Consequently, this can determine how the captured photos will appear and how noticeable the spy security hunting camera will appear after capturing the animal's photo. The operation of this camera is similar to that of a normal camera- where a flashbulb is used to reflect light and illuminate the object for clearing a clear image. There are three kinds of flash available in these cameras-infrared flash, black flash, and white flash-each. Each of these flashes is suitable for a specific purpose. Let's take a look into the features of these flashes:

  • White flash: Like a conventional camera, hunting cameras will deploy a bright white light to click photos. While this light will allow you to capture full and bright photos during the night, its sudden and bright light can scare them and compel them to run away.
  • Infrared flash: The IR flash is less noticeable in comparison to a white flash camera. They're a great option for hunters as they are less bright.
ยท Black flash: The pictures captured by this camera appear darker and cannot capture precise background details.
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