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Gmail Features- Check here the some Important Features

Author: Smith Colman
by Smith Colman
Posted: Jun 08, 2017

Gmail is launched in the year April 1 2004. Usually Gmail is well known as the best web secured mail. It integrated with various features like spam protection, message filter, Gmail calendar, instant messaging, Gmail labs, security features, video chatting, customization of Gmail with Themes, security features like spam protection etc. All these applications are visible applications, but what about the hidden features.

In actual; it is not hidden, the users are ignorant how to handle it, or where they are locating it. Whatever, the user had the privilege of using these features, no matter whether it is hidden or visible. That is the reason we choose a topic like this. We understand the importance of this subject. Here we describe it as much possible. For effective trouble resolution we prefer to contact Gmail technical support.

Key board shortcuts

Not only in Gmail, but also we are seeking a "Shortcut" method everywhere. Yes this is essential in a busy world as like today. Gmail recently introduces a system namely "Key board shortcut" that will liberate the mailing activities.

For instance;

Ctrl+Enter= send message

Cntrl+Shift+C= Add Ccc receiptants

Cntrl+Shift+b= Add bcc receiptants etc..

For to apply this, you should turn on certain settings

  • Go to the Gmail sign –in page.Click on the Gear icon (settings) that displayed on the top of the system.
  • See the select the option ‘key board shortcuts ‘and click on the option "keyboard short cut" on.
  • Now you click the "Save changes". That’s all your account settings have been altered.

Remember if you are ignorant about the key-board short cut don’t activate this system. Try to learn the shortcut keypad functions, after that try to activate it. For any support contact the Gmail technical support.

Two step verification

This system is launched to protect the Gmail password. Through this method Gmail verify the identity through two methods.

  • The primary method is verifying through the Gmail id and its attached password
  • The secondary process of verifying is through a mobile number that registered with Gmail account. Gmail send some secure codes to the mobile number. This system protects the mail from unauthorized access. Contact Gmail technical support for the password recovery assistance

CoConfiguring the Gmail inbox

Gmail introduce this system recently, with this method users can categorize their email as primary, social, promotions, updates, forums. This system will improve the smoothness of mailing activities. If you had any troubles with these contact the Gmail technical support.

How to set up this?

  • Click on the settings in the Gmail.
  • Select the option "Configure inbox"
  • You can find out these five (primary, social, promotions, updates, forums) options over there
  • Then Click "Save"

That‘s all. For better assistance and issues like password recovery, can’t send messages, spam and abuse –Contact the Gmail technical support.

About the Author

Hello my name is Smith Colman, A dancer and fun loving. Lives in California and works as a team leder in Gmail customer support number where we provide help and support to the Gmail user if they have any technical issue and error.

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Author: Smith Colman

Smith Colman

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