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Sun Board Advertising in Munirka Delhi NCR India

Author: Suresh Kumar
by Suresh Kumar
Posted: May 02, 2020

In the modern world, all of us are aware of Display Advertising on Sun Board

A major portion of inside a Public Place, Corporate Office, Showroom, Hospitals, Construction Sites, etc. covered with small to large sun board display.

Click here to get instant sun board price and printingAdvertising Product made of Sunboard

in the way of Sun Board Cutout, Sun Board on Easel Standee, Shop Wall Branding, Face Cut-Outs and POS Materials, Sun Board Coaster, Notice Board, Instruction (Do’s and Don’t), Product Showcase, Mount Vinyl on Sunboard, etc.

Laminated sun board lost long life, makes waterproof and easy in transportation even it is a 3mm thickness sun board sheet.

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What are the sun board and its uses?

Basically, a sun board is a petroleum-based product technically it is known PVC FOAM BOARD, it comes in various (0.34-50) density, different names, and its uses.

Mostly used for advertising known as SUN BOARD (PVC FOAM) and SUN PACK (POLYPROPYLENE CORRUGATED SHEET).

Sunboard is a hard, smooth, lightweight, easy to cut through the cutter, made in 3 layers, the inner layer is known as polystyrene and upper & lower white clay coated paper stuff. it’s a recyclable product.

There is a huge demand in the market according to Amulya in 2018 worldwide $112.34 billion and it’s growth 4.5% to 2026 it will be $ 154.50

Sunboard Printing Method

Solvent Printing | UV printing | Eco Solvent Printing | Latex Printing

Point of view printing quality and it uses done or outdoor, cheap printing option, bad smell-Solvent Print (Roll Form Vinyl Printing Option) Solvent printing mostly used for outdoor like billboards, hoarding, etc.

Best quality printing and No odor, indoor and outdoor, no require lamination, can be print direct on sun board UV-Printing (Direct Printing on Sunboard, Flat Bed Printing & Roll Form Vinyl Printing) Direct print on sun board, product showcase, pos material, etc.

Best Quality Printing, need to lamination, eco-friendly printing, done indoor uses-Eco-solvent (Roll-Form Vinyl Printing) indoor branding wall, display outlet branding

Superfine Printing quality, indoor uses, premium quality branding uses even small text or image –Latex Printing (Roll Form Vinyl Printing) translate printing, photo printing, other quality printing.

All these brandings are done through Direct UV print on Sun Board, Eco-Solvent or Solvent Print on Vinyl and Paste on Sun Board, etc.

Huge space is used for corporate by interior branding on sun board print and laser cutting to make maximum accuracy out of it.

UV Print & Automated Cut Sun Board Advertising is a long-lasting, Eco-friendly Printing and Precision Cutting Solutions.There are numerous way to advertise on the sun board1. POS MaterialsSunboard POS Material

POS Material is an Effective marketing tool for a branding showcase of your various size packing and product on many outlets and display store

Display in the exhibitions and presentations which can attract consumer attention and increase your sales. This stuff is lightweight, waterproof and easy to digital print in 3 mm thickness. Known as a plastic bubble sheet.

2. Cut-Outs

Turn up any picture or design to Custom Standee Cardboard Cutouts. Life-size self-standing Sun Board Cut Out displays can make for a striking display-specially when they are customized with a living person’s photo or a cutout of your product itself!

Required thickness for shape cut out Sun Board minimum 5 mm for sturdy and strong cutout stand. People also like to get make it on 3 mm, my suggestion is it is not fit for big size it may cause a breakout.

Stand it out properly need a firm stand either metal.

3. Wall Branding

The biggest canvas and the most visible form of Sun Board Advertising are Wall Branding.

4. Notice Board

Advertising on sun board is done in the way of-

  • Dangler
  • Notice Board
  • Nameplate
  • Indoor Branding

You can see a large-scale of branding around yourself through this Sun Board Advertisement such as in the hospital, educational institution and hotels, corporate companies, etc.

Due to the lightweight of this product, it can easily be pasted on the walls. Basically, it’s a rigid form with a thickness of 2-10mm sheet and both sides are highly coated with clay white color.

Mostly used inhouse notice board and fixed with double tape if the size is bigger you can even fix it with the help of nails.

5. Dangler

Used as a dangler of new coming product or display of offer in the small form of sun board such as 1.5 ft x 1 fit, 1fit x 1fit on 2mm sun board etc, due to lightweight it could be hanged easily with the help of 2 hole on the top side on eyelet 5x5mm rectangle and single eyelet for circle dangler.

6. Exhibition Stall

A large amount of sun board advertising is used for decoration, going to place in the event or exhibition in the way of wall branding, product display stand, sun board standee, advertising materials, exhibition gate, etc. Due to high coated surface easy digital print H D quality finishing.

7. Coaster on Sunboard

For economical budget, the coaster is made on sun board to make it waterproof it,s either Laminated Sunboard from both the sides or printed Direct UV Printing and it is cut through laser cutting with optimum accuracy.

Availability of Sun Board Sheet
  • 8’x4?, 6’x3?, 6’x4?, 6’x5? 4’x10, 5’x10? are standard sizes, having thickness 2mm to 10mm range. It is easy to print the entire sheet on 5’x8? on flatbed UV printing machine at a time, later on, it may cut into required sizes easily with automated CNC router cutting machine.
  • Fast-moving sun board sheet size is 6’x4?, 6’x3? and 4’x8? available 24×7 hrs.
Sun board design software and file format used for sun board printing

The most effective way to bring notice to your brand is Sun Board printing. It could be for an event or any other thing that you might want to promote. Make sure that your Sun board printing is done by professionals, who can design and print your Sun board with utmost precision.

Usually, the sun board designing and printing professional software are:-

  • Coreldraw
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

For a new startup, you must be knowledgeable about all this software because this software is very extensive. A perfect designer needs to be a diplomat in this software at least for 6 to 12 months.

To get the best Sun board printing result one needs a file format of CYMK (due to color) and resolution must be at least 150 DPI as it could be visible from a distance of 3-4 ft. High-Quality Images for large format improve printing quality and enhance more visibility. If you already got a Sun board branding for your company there’s no need for printing brochure or paper stationery printing etc. You can also get your Sun Board online. To get Sun board print you can search on Google "Sun Board printer near me" or "Sun Board Printing Delhi" – Shivani Enterprises.

Advertising on Sun Board & Print Process

There could be numerous types of advertising done on sun board such as:-

  1. Direct UV Printing on Sun Board
  2. Solvent Print Vinyl & Paste on to Sun Board

Making a color combination of sun board according to the concept of the corporate brand that could be applied on the wall surface wherever it has to be placed easily as per available space in different locations.

Examples such as metro stations, railways stations, malls, etc.

Usually, it’s used highly in indoor branding. It’s very lightweight easy to advertise onto the wall.

  • Direct printing on sun board can be done easily on through Flatbed UV Printer.
  • Eco-solvent print on vinyl and mount on Sun Board.
  • Solvent print vinyl and mount on sun board.
Advertise on Sun Board from vinyl printing to the pasting process.Vinyl Print On Sun board
  1. A sun board is digitally printed on a vinyl 80gsm thickness white base with backing adhesive by large-format inkjet printer, vinyl in the form of a roll. it may be print multiple pcs in a single print, later on, it is cut in the required size.
  2. Laminated first vinyl print as per required matte or glossy look and touch.
  3. The printed and laminated sheet is pasted onto the required thickness sun board (2-10 mm).
  4. Vinyl mounted get sun board life more.

Make sure before lamination, sun board sheet should be dust-free otherwise, it may cause to produce bubble or avoid to get pasted. The lamination process to produce a Laminated Sunboard is made automated that helps to peel out vinyl easily and work is done fast.

Direct UV Print Process on Sun Board
  • Whole 4’x8? sun board sheet fixes on a flatbed UV Printing Machines firmly.
  • Data to be printed is directly send to print on direct UV Printing Machine.
  • If you want, you can laminate matte or gloss according to your choice, there’s no required of lamination on Direct UV Print on Board, as it might damage the print or fade away.
  • You can cut it into the required sizes after all print and finish
  • The laminated sun board makes it waterproof and multiple washable.
  • It is 100% eco-friendly after curving ink.

Per square fit rate of Direct UV Print, Sun Board comes with lower than vinyl print sun board

Getting direct UV print on the sun board saves your time and money.

The errorless sun board print process is the Direct UV Printing on Sun Board.

The Cutting Process of Advertise on Sun Board

A sun board is cut manual by a cutter and automated machines. When it required a highly precise size, we use the method of "Laser Cut" and CNC Router Cutting machine. All these cutting processes are fully computerized, high precision even it is very extensive layout can be cut up to 25mm sun board sheet.

A. Laser Cutting

It’s a very accurate cutting method no chance of cutting error but it leaves a little mark of smoke on edges as sun board burns out. there is no chance to bend or zigzag shape sun board. Mostly used to make the custom shapes of printed POS materials, sun board face cutout, dangler, etc.

It gets cut 0n 90-degree angle when it requires highly finished shape.

B. CNC Router Cutting

Highly precise cutting, no marking, cutting on demand. Any shape & size can be cut up to 10mm thickness with zero% error. Before sending a file for printing, from the same artwork a cutting file is created for router cutting machine to cut sun board, Cutting blade move only on guidelines.

Usually, this method is used for making a special shape of sun board printing materials as well as POS in the showroom. Display of edible item or electronic low weighted display goods.

C. Manual Cutting

Low volume and rectangle or square shape can be cut with the help of a sharp blade and hard stuff scale up to 3-5 mm thickness easily. It is not too hard to cut. You can save money by avoiding the CNC router and laser cutting costs.

Alternate of Advertising Sun Board

Advertising cost on sun board goes higher slightly if you wish to advertise in the budget you must go for sun pack advertising price cost comes almost 1/3 of sun board advertising. make sure you have a compromise point of view quality.

Advertising on Sunpack

Paper Poster Printing

Difference Between Sun Board and Sun Pack
  • Sunpack is used for indoor where sun board for indoor Advertising.
  • Sunpack material is 100% waterproof where sun board is non-waterproof
  • Sunpack is lighter per square fit compared to sun board
  • Sunpack material price is cheaper compared to sun board
  • Sunpack is more flexible compared to sun board
  • The surface of sun pack is less smooth compared to sunboard
Do you know what kinds of material, a Sun Board is made up of?
  • A Sun Board is made up of 3 layers as both sides are white color high clay coated paper and inside polypropylene with a plain surface.
  • It is a very light material and easy to direct print on the Sun board and paste smoothly. A white clay coated surface makes it easy to paste vinyl and direct print on the Sun Board with the high color definition on it without missing print. So no chance to damage the printing machine head.
  • Direct UV print on the Sun Board, as well as custom, could be of big size up to 5’x8? single pc and any type of shape you required to decorate
  • Direct Print Sun Board is cut through the automated machine perfectly as well as designed artwork is made.
How vinyl is pasted on Sun Board?

A vinyl is laminated and pasted on sun board through the machine with equivalent pressure that makes better accuracy. A vinyl sun board laminated with the machine makes it bubble-free and even.

For large-format lamination, the 110-micron film is used. The lamination is done on the cold process, it is used from both the sides for printing and lamination for Dangler Printing and hanged over the head with the help of one-sided.

Vinyl Pasting MachineWhich one is the Best Option to Advertise – Eco-Solvent Vinyl Print or Direct UV Print Sun Board?

Both Sun board printing options are used for indoor branding.

First of all Sun Board Designing service is the basic factor even for Direct UV Print or Vinyl Print sun board

Sometimes it happens that Eco-solvent vinyl print releases from the sun board due to an adaptable atmosphere temperature or regular dusting on it.

Direct print on sun board misses out the print in the cause of uneven surface of sun board because the sun board is not too hard to press out some times it happens due to press it became uneven.

Both sun board printing methods are environment-friendly as well as my concern direct UV Print on sun board is the best option.

How does a sun board is installed on the wall?

Installation depends on the size if it is small or lightweight then it can be installed with the help of strong double-sided tape. "3M" brand double-sided tape is the best for sun board installation.

Heavy thickness and large size sun board branding is done with the help of nail and sun board. various product of advertisement purposes.

How much does a sun board printing cost in Delhi?

(price per square ft)

As per square ft cost comes with printing, lamination, cutout, etc.

There are several options of Printing Solvent Print, eco-solvent and Direct UV Print on Sun Board, Each method has unique quality at itself and price per square ft different

Click here to get the price instant

Overall starting per square ft cost Rs. 70 Onward applied price depending on thickness, print quality, and work volume, etc.

Best quality sun board printing cost Rs 130/-per square ft

Printing sun board is done on high-quality inkjet printing on vinyl and laminated matte or gloss on a 5mm sun board. Well finished with router cut and packed for display in the exhibition stand.

How it is made a branding on the indoor wall through Advertise on Sun Board?

A sun board is passed through double-sided tape or with the help of a nail. If it is the smaller size it can hold onto tape even 2-10 mm thickness, make sure the wall should be dust-free or glass wall.

How to keep on the stand firmly, a Sun Board Cut Out?

Here are various types of stand available to keep a Sun Board Cut Out Stand. The Cut Out Sun Board is supported from the backside with an iron stand to hold it firmly or make a wooden standee for sun board.

Supporting stands depends on the sun board sizes, if sun board cut out is smaller you don’t need to make a metal stand.

You have seen a sun board standing outside the showroom, hotels height maybe 5-6 ft in height, you need to stand proper metal locking systems.

What kind of a file format is printed on a sun board?

Usually, any kind of file format can be printed on the sun board but make sure if you require to get a Sun Board Cut Out you need to Create Out Line even that is text or image for Auto Cut Process.

How to make advertising on the sun board more durable?

Usually, sun board branding is done mostly indoor automatically no chance damage but if you make it laminate it became more strength and waterproof. Normally no need to change it before it 7-8 years. As time pass on sun board color turns slowly into yellowish.

How does a direct UV print sun board set the time?

It is a very simple and fast technique to make design, send the file to the computer attached UV sun board printer it sets time according to content on the sun board if we talk overall within 100 square ft you can get the production. Thereafter it is sent to the auto sun board cutting machine.

Is Sun Board Printing is a waterproof advertising material?
  • Absolutely it is not waterproof if solvent print vinyl is laminated on sun board you can wash it multi-time the way you wish to wash.
  • A sun board is water and corrosion-resistant material.
  • Direct UV printing is a non-washable print.
What is the maximum size to get a single print sun board?

Usually, a vinyl is availed in the size of a maximum 5ft in wide and length you can get according to your wish. So you can get up to 5ft x 10ft in single pcs. In the Flatbed UV printing machine, it can be printed in 5’x 10? at a time in a single pcs.

How much additional cost comes of lamination per square fit?

Matte lamination or gloss, per square fit cost, comes Rs. 10/-extra

Sunboard vs Sunpack which is the cheaper point of view advertising?

Advertising on sun board is best for indoor and it is approx 2-3 times costly compared to sun pack if you will advertise on sun pack you may feel it inferior quality for indoor advertising.

For cheap advertising people select – Flyer Printing

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