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Big Companies Are Working On A Network Cooperation Standard For Smart Home Devices

Author: Rosy Martin
by Rosy Martin
Posted: Jun 03, 2021

Big technological enterprises such as Google, Apple, and Amazon are in agreement for a partnership for an alliance that would see the certification of Matter smart home devices. Intelligent home appliances such as door locks, smart light bulbs, thermostats, etc., will be enabled to work in correlation and conjunction once they achieve certification to join a network cooperation standard that could begin as soon as this year.

The world has inched closer towards home automation as big tech companies are leading the way for a technological partnership to give certification to intelligent home appliances sometime later in 2021 via a network cooperation standard termed as "Matter." This will be a huge step in the technological advancement of the world and could make the appliances accepted in the wider domains.

Once the certification has been given, the smart appliances will be packaged as a product with a logo of Matter which will indicate that products have the certification for network cooperation standard, which means that lightbulbs, CCTV cameras, or doorbells, or whatever products you buy can work in conjunction and intrinsic correlation with other appliances present in your house. You can imagine them like friends, who did not even know about each other’s existence now can work with each other to serve you. Does that sound cool to you? The logo of the Matter network cooperation standard has been made and it looks like a bunch of round-tipped arrows directing towards a common point. Once the devices come with this certification, it will vastly help the consumers in finding the QR codes or other numeric information to set up the appliances much more rapidly, saving a lot of precious time.

Tobin Richardson, who is the Chief Executive Officer of a team called "Connectivity Standard Alliance," that is leading the way for the network cooperation standard, believes that the logo of Matter is expected to become as prosaic as the current logo of Wireless Fidelity is. He recently made a series of statements last Tuesday at the press event for the Matter.

He remarked the fact that the rapid evolution of technology is happening right now, so modern-day appliances need to cooperate with other appliances because they will continue to operate on more and more complex networks. He shared that the more complex the appliances are, the more imperative it is that they speak the same language. The network cooperation standard will facilitate home automation, and no matter what brands of doorbells, door monitors, or thermostats we buy, they will get along coherently.

If you are all caught up with everything that is happening with regards to home automation, then you would know that Matter is a new name given for cooperating smart home alliances, which was called "CHIP" or "Connected Home Over Internet Protocol" earlier. The technology, which was announced in 2019 employs the core concepts of the internet to ease out the connection between home appliances with complex internal systems. Matter certification allows home automation as it enables users to regulate the room temperature, lighting, doorbells, theaters, alarms, and door locks. Moreover, you can employ your Google Assistance, Alexa, or Apple Siri to supervise all of the appliances. And, achieving this objective has been no easy feat since all of the AI assistants are competing against each other to be employed as your home assistant. However, the main objective of designing Matter has been to unify all complex domains under one umbrella, and it would work equally well under the directives of any interface. Even if you prefer to use a different control interface each time, then also there is no issue.

All the main electronic items present in your home would be covered by Matter, and it includes television, door locks, window shades, garage doors, alarms, lightbulbs, thermostats, air conditioners, etc.

Chris DeCenzo, who is an engineer working for Amazon, and specialized in smart home appliances, also made a statement in which he said that the main purpose of Matter is to create a bridge between several different appliances and facilitating a co-operating and smart home environment.

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