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Rosy Martin

Member since: Dec 21, 2020
Published articles: 72

5 Horror Movies That Were So Bad They Were Good

There are a number of horror movies in Hollywood that have been more entertaining than being terrible. In the year 2020, many horror movies were released, and most of them fall into this category...

Articles > Arts & Entertainment > Movies Feb 20, 2021
A Guide to Using Shortcuts on Apple Watch

Do you own an iOS device and love using the shortcuts automation on your gadget? Most iPhone users love to use the shortcuts app on their smartphones. And this is because this great app makes...

Articles > Technology & Science > Gadgets & Gizmos Jan 14, 2021
Antitrust Probe on Apple and Google in Japan

The world’s leading smartphone maker Apple and search giant Google may now face difficulties in different countries. Apple may have to conduct more scrutiny of its business parties, as the Japanese...

Articles > Internet > Newsletters Jul 16, 2021
Best Classic Movies to Watch on Netflix

Many of us turn towards Netflix when we want to watch some movies and TV shows, and the vast library of Netflix hardly disappoints us. However, you should not be surprised to know that Netflix does...

Articles > Arts & Entertainment > Movies Feb 12, 2021
Best Notion Templates and Tricks

When it comes to managing everything like projects, tasks, notion templates, finance, and commands. Notion is booming into the popularity chart among the power tools. This modern power gives its users...

Articles > News & Society > International Aug 20, 2021
Best Software to Backup & Restore Windows Drivers

In order to improve the performance of a PC, a user needs to install the drivers. To enhance the gaming experience, one can install the graphic drivers. For better sound quality, one can install audio...

Articles > Computers > Computer Tips Feb 08, 2021
Best Tom Cruise Movies You Should Not Miss

Tom Cruise is undoubtedly one of the most popular film actors in the world. It is assumed that his name is enough to make a film blockbuster, and he has proven it a lot many times. He has a long list...

Articles > Arts & Entertainment > Movies Dec 31, 2020
Best Uses of the Shortcuts App on Ios

If we talk about the Shortcuts app in general, it is a free application, particularly for iOS devices on which you can efficiently run your complex tasks. This application helps in delivering the...

Articles > Writing > Self Publishing Jan 21, 2021
Big Companies Are Working on a Network Cooperation Standard for Smart Home Devices

Big technological enterprises such as Google, Apple, and Amazon are in agreement for a partnership for an alliance that would see the certification of Matter smart home devices. Intelligent home...

Articles > Writing > Publishing Jun 03, 2021
Boruto: the Tragic Origin of Boruto's Mentor - Mugino

Naruto’s son has been working hard lately with Konohamaru, Sasuke, and Kakashi. When Mugino recently oversaw him in the God Tree Clone Arc, the fans saw a comedic dynamic between the pair. Although...

Articles > Arts & Entertainment > Television Jan 25, 2021
Check out the Details of “4K Plus” Service on Youtube

YouTube is not only providing subscription-based services but also creating high-quality content for premium users. Now YouTube came up with a new service that can bring the next level of the viewing...

Articles > Internet > Internet Marketing Jul 18, 2021 Login | the Best Place to Buy, Sell & Pay with Crypto login is an all-in-one platform helping people know about all the different buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies. This guide will help you with creating a new account, log in, and...

Articles > News & Society > International Jan 08, 2022
Eve Spectrum 4K Monitor Review: a Monitor with Simple and Stunning Design

You’ve probably heard of the famous Eve Spectrum monitor. It was a crowd-funded display that was supposed to debut more than a year ago. It never happened, however. Backers were upset, fearful that...

Articles > Computers > Hardware Aug 23, 2021
Everything That You Should Know About Apple Watch Activity Rings

At the center of fitness tracking on the Apple Watch are activity rings. Here’s how they work & how to customize them to meet specific goals.Apple Watch is one of the most popular and best fitness...

Articles > Technology & Science > Gadgets & Gizmos Jun 15, 2021
Everything to Know About Fite Tv Network

Are you a fan of sports such as wrestling, martial arts, boxing, etc., and facing issues in streaming sports content? Here is good news for you. FITE TV is an excellent platform for sports...

Articles > Arts & Entertainment > Television Dec 28, 2020
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