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Eve Spectrum 4K Monitor Review: A Monitor with Simple and Stunning Design

Author: Rosy Martin
by Rosy Martin
Posted: Aug 23, 2021

You’ve probably heard of the famous Eve Spectrum monitor. It was a crowd-funded display that was supposed to debut more than a year ago. It never happened, however. Backers were upset, fearful that their money had been wasted on a project that would never materialize. The gaming world has been buzzing over Eve’s Spectrum gaming monitor. The gaming monitor is designed to deliver high resolutions (up to 4K) and high refresh rates (up to 240 Hz) at an affordable price. While the company’s track record for final delivery is inconsistent, pre-production devices show many potentials. The Spectrum appears to be one of the best gaming monitors based on early prototypes. The Eve Spectrum is available for $799 price with an additional $99 for the stand.

Eve Spectrum Design

I’ve never seen a monitor as simple as the Eve Spectrum. It’s essentially a 27-inch display with extremely tiny bezels and a power LED at the bottom on its own. The Eve Spectrum features a simple and elegant design. The stand is composed of metal and appears to be quite strong. It’s also quite heavy, especially at the bottom. I suspected the stand would be unstable after seeing the first images of the completed design, especially once the massive 27-inch panel was slotted into place. It’s nicely machined and painted, and it seems like a high-end piece of equipment. What’s my only concern? You’ll see the cables behind it because it’s so thin. In addition, the stand contains a recess under its base for guiding cables, such as those for your keyboard.

Aside from that, the Eve Spectrum monitor’s design is fairly simple. With a relatively clean, rectangular shape, the back end consists solely of ports and buttons. There’s no strong gamer-centric styling here; instead, it’s simple and elegant. It’s worth noting that the stand isn’t included and will set you back $99. The display features slim bezels of 4.8 mm on the sides and 9.5 mm on the bottom but is somewhat thick, measuring between 25.5 and 52 mm deep. Although the display case is made of plastic with a soft-touch surface, it’s indeed comfortable to hold.

A four-directional disc with a click serves as the menu button on the back. It is used to access the menu on the on-screen display (OSD). The clicks and directions are precise, but the disc is thin and cheap-feeling. When I took the monitor out of the box, it popped off as well but reattaching it was simple enough. Underneath this disc is a solid-clicking recessed power button.

Eve Spectrum Specifications

The Spectrum offers two HDMI 2.1 ports, 1 DisplayPort 1.4 connection, and a DisplayPort 1.4 compatible USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 (10 Gbps) port. The USB-C port is also utilized to connect to the connection hub on the side. The monitor kept switching between the DisplayPort connection and the USB-C connection after I connected this USB-C connector to my computer.

The on-screen display (OSD) menu on the monitor is jam-packed with options. Input sources, HDR standards, color spaces, color temperature, gamma, and more can all be customized. A picture-by-picture mode is available, which may be handy for streamers or people with several display inputs. The color of the indicator LED at the bottom of the display can be changed. The refresh rate can also be changed by users.

Eve Spectrum Performance

The fast refresh rate of 144Hz is the most crucial aspect of gaming performance. 144 Hz has become the standard for gaming monitors, with 360 Hz panels available at the top end. The Eve Spectrum 4K marvels in HDR games. Despite the greater quality, I thought the smaller 27-inch display would provide a poorer viewing experience than my own 34-inch ultrawide. When it comes to immersion, playing in 4K adds a lot of value, especially when it comes to games with high-resolution textures.


If you’re looking for a 27-inch 4K gaming monitor, the Eve Spectrum is a good option. It competes head-to-head with the other gaming laptops available in the market, delivering a few extra features at a little higher risk due to the company’s past. It’s priced at $799 with an additional $99 for the stand. The Eve Spectrum 4K is a monitor I can imagine a lot of gamers asking for, with HDMI 2.1, DisplayHDR600, 98 percent DCI-P3 color space coverage, a superb IPS panel implementation, and a fairly clean design. The quality of this fantastic monitor, the Eve Spectrum, is well worth the money.

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