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Is A GoPro Helmet Hero Cam Right For You?

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Oct 01, 2014
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If you have been thinking about getting a helmet cam for taking action videos of sports and other activities you might be a little overwhelmed by how many cameras are on the market. Helmet cams are very popular and there are many different brands out there. But not all of them are high quality. GoProHelmet Hero cameras are very popular helmet cams and they are fairly affordable, especially if you look for a used one in good condition. Here are some tips to help you figure out if the Helmet Hero cam is the best choice for you:

What types of videos do you want to take?

Are you going to be taking videos of sporting activities or using it to short films? The GoPro is probably a good choice then. But if you are going to be going surfing and you want to take videos you are going to need a waterproof camera. The Helmet Hero is one of the best quality cameras on the market. It has the best picture and the sharpest lens of any other helmet cam. It also has the widest lens to give the biggest and best picture. It is shockproof and shake proof, so if you are going to be running or riding on rough ground this camera won’t move around or shake as you hit the rough spots. It also comes with many different types of mounts so that you can attach it to any type of helmet without difficulty. You can even attach it to a bike or frame if you want to get video without actually wearing the camera.

How experienced are you at taking and editing video?

If you don’t have a lot of experience taking videos or editing videos this is a great camera for you. It’s very simple to use and the videos work with many popular editing software programs like MovieMaker and iMovies. You don’t need any extra software or a lot of technical editing experience to create professional quality videos that you can use to market your business, impress fans online, or record your experiences at a fun event like a zombie run or a color run. Marathon runners often use the GoPro to record their experiences during the marathon.

What is your budget?

If you want a super cheap hero cam camera there are better options than the GoPro camera. But if you want a high quality camera at a decent price then the GoPro Helmet Hero is the best choice. This camera is pretty affordable at just a couple hundred dollars and it’s a very good investment if you want to continue taking videos. If you want to start taking videos so that you can create a personal brand, or market your services as a personal trainer then the GoPro is a very good choice. It will provide good quality photos and great quality videos without the huge price tag of a DLSR camera or a professional video camera.

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