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3 Ways How Elders Can Overcome Loneliness

Author: Debosree Majumder
by Debosree Majumder
Posted: Jun 05, 2021

The word "loneliness" might seem very easy. But tackling this emotional state of loneliness is incomprehensible to understand. It is not any more just a state of being alone and is considered now as a part of social withdrawal, a mental health condition. Though people of all stages can be a victim of this loneliness, but the elders suffer from this state of mind the most.

Reasonably, old age is the period when a person feels left behind. Their children leave them and settle somewhere else due to better job prospects or education purposes. Quite a lot of people lose their spouse during this stage of life when they need their company the most.

Also, at this point of life, neither do they have employment nor do they have friends to share their load of emotions too. Dependence on the children becomes their only choice. Hence, a sense of submissiveness attacks their subconscious mind.

As a result of all the above circumstances, loneliness fills an elder’s heart and mind. If you are a veteran searching the joy of life you lost, then you have landed into the right article. Let us find out how to overcome loneliness for elders in 3 different ways:Ø Get Some Exposure : After reaching a certain age, the home becomes the only place where you feel the comfort in. We understand that very well. But do not let the same place you find comfort in haunt you during old age. Being confined inside the home might be another reason you are feeling lonely.

You can easily get rid of it! How? Simple, by getting more exposure to the outer world instead of sitting inside the four walls. We all have that one fully planned trip that you could not go to. It is time to pack your bag and buy the tickets of the place you planned to go to and fulfill the unfulfilled ideas.

This change of air will bring a lot of change in your life too. You will start feeling a sense of newfound freedom and will experience the lost excitement of your young days once again. Nature is our best friend. When you expose your vulnerability to that best friend, it will never make you return empty-handed. You will be back home with a heart full of refreshment and happiness. Ø Consider Therapies : Just like you need the help of an orthopedic, a gynecologist, an eye specialist, etc., for maintain your physical wellbeing. Similarly, the need for a counselor is equally essential for maintaining the condition of your mental health. Visiting a counselor does not make you psychotic or neurotic. It helps you get better and find you the answer to how to overcome loneliness for elders.

Old age is the time when you feel left behind. Even when you are around a lot of people, the feeling of loneliness does not leave the mind. No matter how caring your children are towards you, a sense of insecurity prevails during this period. If you can relate to these issues, you need to book an appointment with a counselor as soon as possible.

They can guide to you through the right path of leading a happy life during old age. In the USA, about 85% of senior citizens seek the help of a counselor without having any difficulty reducing the chances of developing mental illness at a later age of life. So, it is time for you to take the small things seriously and take care of your overall health.

  • Indulge Yourself in Activities : When you sit idle, negative thoughts come to your mind. Why do you think people of an elder age like you go for walks two times a day, join communities, and start entertaining themselves in different activities? The reason is not just limited to health wellness. They indulge themselves in such works to stay young from the heart.

Loneliness, depression, feelings of low self-esteem, etc., will never be able to touch you if you keep your heart strong and be proactive till the last breath of your life. Do not ever let your age limit your horizon. Do what you love and feel happy about. You cannot certainly go back and make your physical features as young as your 18 years old self.

You can surely boost your spirit and soul even at old age to be as active as a young heart. Remove the dullness, be vibrant in your dressing style. Put on your glasses, carry a bottle of water, take your medicines, and live your life instead of just existing. We promise you will have a blast, and people younger to you will be envious of your lifestyle.

Here comes the end to the 3 ways how to overcome loneliness for elders! We hope you loved the ideas and is motivated enough to implement these in your life very soon. Happy old age to you! These are the ways which would help you to overcome loneliness and lead a happy life.

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Debosree is a professional writer working in the Senior Care Field for quite a long time. She has written many informative blogs and articles on the senior care facilities that are available. He has a great reader base.

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