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Top 6 Mistakes To Avoid For An Effective Fleet Management

Author: Jonathan Jonas
by Jonathan Jonas
Posted: Jun 11, 2021

Fleet management is not an easy task. Many factors must be considered for making this process a success, but mistakes can happen. Maintenance, fuel costs, inventory management, ensuring compliances, and other factors make this process highly complex.

With all these responsibilities, the process of fleet management can become difficult. Any small mistake can lead to bigger problems that are hard to handle and costly. To help you with this process and prevent mistakes in your fleet management, we have pointed out some errors here. This article will guide you about the top mistakes you should avoid for effective fleet management.

Poor Communication

Bad communication can lead to poor fleet management. Having clear and concise communication between the employee and employer is critical for the effective operation of any process. You must hold regular meetings and make priorities and goals clear for each day to avoid any hurdles in the smooth operation. One-to-one communication between the employer/manager and the employee will clarify any confusion and ensure that the project is completed on time.

Not Having A Clear Fleet Policy

A clear fleet policy is the biggest asset for a fleet company. A poorly-formed fleet policy reduces the efficiency of fleet operations, therefore, you should take your time and devise the best possible fleet policy. There are online samples for that, but you must formulate your own that matches the logic of your company. An effective fleet management policy includes the points like who should drive the vehicles, how they should be treated, the schedule, and so many other things.

Inappropriate Route Planning

Bad route planning is also one of the major fleet management mistakes. Just because a certain route has a coffee shop or scenery doesn't mean that your driver can take that route. Bad route planning can lead to significant loss of fuel and time, thus adversely affecting your fleet services.

You can use the latest technology such as tracking routes, GPS, and route modifications to select the best route that saves your fuel and time. It will also ensure timely deliveries and happy customers.

Neglecting The Training

Fleet managers often forget to check the necessary training of the onboard drivers. This can be a very costly mistake leading to accidents, staff turnover, and more. Or, the managers might think that there is no need for follow-up training. However, training is an essential part of the proper fleet management system, and one should not neglect it.

Moreover, each company has its own set of rules that require training. So, every fleet manager must avoid this mistake and ensure that every employee meets the company's standards.

Not Outsourcing Correctly

Sometimes a company runs out of resources and starts looking for some outsourcing. While it is a good decision to outsource services, you must take it with care. Poor outsourcing decisions can be costly for you. You must decide what you should outsource and what you should keep in-house. Always keep higher-level tasks in-house so you can better manage them.

Avoiding Maintenance Schedules

The maintenance of fleet vehicles is vital. Many companies make this mistake of not following maintenance schedules and using fleet vehicles without care. It can be costly for them in the long run and might damage the vehicle permanently. To avoid this, regular maintenance schedules should be followed to keep everything under control.

Final WordsHaving the right fleet management system is critical to providing effective fleet services. Avoid all the mistakes mentioned above to ensure that the process will go on smoothly.
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