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Windsurfing Equipment – Points to Consider

Author: Farrukh Khurshed
by Farrukh Khurshed
Posted: Jun 08, 2021
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Windsurfing refers to both the sport and the discipline. Windsurfing is primarily a surfing surface sport, which is a mix of sailing and surfing. It originated in the early 1960s in the surfing culture of California and is now referred to as "windsurfing." The actual term for this sport is "shore surfing." In this form of surfing, a board called a "windsurfer" is propelled by using wind power.

The majority of the earliest windsurfing was accomplished on Hoyle boards (also known as flat-bottom boards). These were rudimentary 2-person sailboards made of wood with lead strips wrapped around the entire board. As time progressed, more sophisticated types of windsurfing boards were developed. Some of the first modern windsurfing boards used cantilever rims to minimize the effects of wakeboard turbulence.

Windsurfing Board

In windsurfing, a sail is usually attached to the front of a windsurfer's board. Typically, this sail is triangular in shape, but can be turned into a V or an S shape. This triangular shape allows for greater maneuverability while out in the wind. Unlike sailing, windsurfing enables a windsurfer to alter the direction of the wind by simply changing the triangular shape of his sail. This enables a windsurfer to change his sail direction mid-air, which allows him to increase the amount of the advantage he has when out in the wind.

Thrilling Sport

The actual techniques involved in windsurfing are unique to this type of sport. While in sailing, a sailor turns the bow of the boat to face in front of the wind. In windsurfing, a sail is held in a triangular position and turned to face behind the wind. The technique is known as spinning out, wherein the windsurfer uses the sail to push him or herself against the wind in order to make progress. A variation of spinning out is known as drifting, where the sail is allowed to drift sideways in mid-air.


Windsurfing rigs are specialized pieces of equipment that are used during a surf session. The most basic of these is the boom rig. This rig consists of the boom - a tall mast - and jib or second mast which supports the boom. This piece of equipment is widely used in Europe and Asia, but American and Australian styles have developed since the 1980s. A jib boom rig is basically a taller and longer piece of sailing equipment than the boom rig.

More Things to Know

Windsurfing rigs differ from other types of sailing, because there are many variations of these devices, such as the No-Jib and Taper rig. The No-Jib is the most common windsurfing style in Europe and Asia, where it is called "nosekong." In this style, the jib is fixed to the mast and does not move, whereas in the Taper, which is the most popular style in America, the jib is extended in front of the mast and slightly behind it. These devices can also be further modified by incorporating additional features.

Windsurfing equipment includes all the basic necessities for riding in the ocean, including a helmet, lifejacket, paddle, windsurfing shoes, windsurfing socks, non-cotton shirts, and slalom boards. These items are made out of fiberglass or aluminum, and light or heavy duty materials are available depending on your level of experience. The helmet protects your head in case of an accident, and the slalom boards provide stability as you travel along the wind currents in the ocean or in the channel.

In addition to the sails, buoys, oars, and windsurfing equipment mentioned above, you will need a windsurfing board. These boards are constructed of wood, composite fiber, or a lightweight plastic material that gives stability when riding in strong winds. Windsurfing rigs are constructed of different configurations, and depending on your level of ability, you may choose between a single blade rig, a double blade rig, or a three blade rig. The daggerboard is an alternate type of rig used by some surfers; it resembles a cross between a sailboard and a board.

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