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4 Mistakes Any New Driver Should Learn To Avoid

Author: Ayaz Tutla
by Ayaz Tutla
Posted: Jun 15, 2021

Sitting behind the wheels and driving your brand new car will feel like a dream come true. It brings along a feeling of happiness and freedom that is rare to be found while doing anything else. But do you know that being a new driver on the road of Toronto, you might make some mistakes that will not only get you tickets or punishments but will also risk you and your fellow commuters?

When you are enrolling with a driving school Toronto, you will get to learn not only expert driving but also how you can avoid such mistakes while driving your car and ensure complete safety and compliance with the law of the country. Take a look at the following points to know more.


When you are driving your car, that too the brand new one on the road as a new driver, it is obvious that you will feel tempted to drive fast. Speeding the car is not right while you are on a busy road. On one hand, you will not be able to control the car in case of an emergency stop. On the other, you will probably defy signals and violate traffic law which will get you a ticket and punishment or fine. Hence, don’t speed.

Not Scanning the Road Ahead

While you are driving the car on the road, there will be many potential hazards like potholes, bad road conditions, sudden stops, smoke or fog obscuring your view, bad weather condition, rain and so on. The common mistake that many drivers often make is that they don’t become precautious about these problems in the first place. Rather, they start considering them as problems when they face them. As a result, an accident happens that can put you and your fellow commuters at risk. Hence, scanning the road ahead is necessary for you.

Overcrowding Car

There is a reason why every car comes with a limitation of the riders. While you have a car, you might want to take all your friends to a pub or a club or party together. But if your car is overcrowded, that will increase the risk of accident 44%. Why? When the car is overcrowded, the safety of the car will be compromised. Also, when the car has more riders than it is supposed to have, the seatbelts and airbags will be less in number. Hence, in case of an accident, there will be fewer chances to get saved.

Tailgating or Following Too Closely

Following too closely another vehicle will lead to a car crash. That is why when you enroll with a driving school Cambridge, you will learn to leave 3 seconds of gap between you and the first car when you are driving at 50mph. For over 50 mph, add a one-second gap for every 10 mph. Following another vehicle closely will be called tailgating and when you are doing that, you will not have time to maneuver if the car suddenly stops, takes a turn or changes lane.

So, now, as you know about these four mistakes you need to avoid, what are you waiting for? Keep them in mind and set out with your car now.

About the Author

Ayaz, a regular blogger on a driving school, here, writes about the different questions you should have for a driving school Scarborough before choosing them.

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