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How To Select The Perfect Accessories For The Outfit

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Oct 05, 2014
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Accessories are the finishing touch that can turn any outfit into a fashion statement or a flop. Some people have a knack for choosing the right accessory to complement the clothes and the occasion. Others may rely only on a few basics like gold chains or pearl jewelry that they feel goes with anything. Any woman can expand her wardrobe to include a greater variety of colors and style of accessories if she knows how to choose the right ones for the occasion. Following are some tips on how to choose accessories for any occasion.

  1. Color – If you are wearing an outfit with a lot of color, keeping your accessories simple and basic so that your colors don’t overpower your look. Adding large dangling earrings in a colorful pattern to a multi-colored print dress just because they have similar colors is no way to match accessories. If it is a professional or dressy outfit, stick with diamond, gold, silver or pearl jewelry that will accentuate the outfit’s style without interfering with the color scheme.
  2. Size – If you are afraid that your basic black looks a little too depressing, a big belt, colorful scarf or wrap can have the right impact and turn basic clothing into something a lot more stylish. On the other hand, if the outfit already says a lot with bright colors and bold patterns, simplicity should be the theme for your accessories. Think of it in terms of how much fashion you should have on at any given time. If an accessory is large and has a busy pattern, it should be paired with an outfit that is just the opposite.
  3. Style – Some accessories are more versatile than others. For instance, pearl jewelry can be worn as easily with jeans and a white shirt as they can with a formal gown. This is not true of all accessories. Think about the style of clothing you are wearing and match it to your accessories. Are you trying to look glamorous, professional, edgy, casual or playful? The jewelry, shoes, purse, belts and any other accessories you choose to wear should be in the same style category as your clothes.

4 Cost – Accessory styles come and go just like clothing trends. If you want to invest in one or two items that are top quality, make sure they are classic designs in a color that is as likely to be acceptable in a few years as it is now. Before you spend a lot on real diamond or pearl jewelry, take a look at some of the synthetic options available today. Many quality fakes are very close in appearance to the real thing at just a fraction of the cost. Spend less on your accessories and you can afford to purchase a greater variety that will go farther at complementing a variety of looks and styles.

Although you don’t have to limit yourself to the basic diamond, gold or pearl jewelry to accessorize in an appealing fashion, having the right tools for the occasion will help. Consider purchasing fashion jewelry to match every outfit when you buy it so you always have the perfect accessories to wear when you need them.

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Author: Robert Smith
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