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Scan Documents Easily & Quickly On Android: Here’s How

Author: Rosy Martin
by Rosy Martin
Posted: Jun 17, 2021
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Google offers an in-built document scanner for Android owners who have already installed Drive app on the device. This has enabled the users to scan their documents from their phones straightly without downloading a third-party app. However, some users may need a robust document- editing and scanning experience on their devices. Such users can choose from a variety of good apps for their use.

From the day manufacturers begin equipping smartphones with decent and powerful cameras, mobile developers begin developing several ways to digitize a wide range of documents. They brought scanning to those users who don’t have access to any dedicated scanner. Later, the same apps were improved, and developers add other features like editing for color correction and perspective.

As a result, mobile scans are now much improved and look more like they came from honest and dedicated scanners. However, most iOS and Android users don’t need to download any other dedicated app to scan their documents. Android and iOS are the two most extensive mobile operating systems worldwide. For example, Files apps and iOS Notes come with scanning features.

Both the Files and Notes apps have different options and interface that you can use to scan documents. The Note app features an automatic system that can be used for scanning multiple pages. But, you may find it challenging to share the documents as the scans are saved within the app. When it comes to the Files app, it is pretty more versatile. It can be used for single scanning pages easily. The scanned pages are saved as a file within the app. Later, it can be marked up or annotated, sent in an email, transferred to a computer, or shared in other ways.

Similarly, Google Drive is available on Android. The in-built scanner offered by the search engine giant is available to any Android user having a Google account and the Drive app installed on their device. To scan a document, the users need to tap on the Add sign at the bottom right corner. From there, you will find the option "Scan." It will open the camera of the device.

Once you take a photo of the document, the app will let you to the small palette packed with editing features that include color correcting, rotating, and cropping. By default, scans are stored in the Drive account of the users.

Android: Other Scanning Alternatives

For some users, Drive’s canner may not offer the full gallery rich with various options that other scanning apps often offer. For example, the app does not let the users select the area manually they want to scan. On the contrary, it detects the document automatically that likely results in parts being cut out. The overall functionality of the app is very much similar to an external scanning app, Stack.

Stack is a digital document scanner and database app that Google launched in March. After you install the Stack app from the Google Play Store, you will view three introductory slides. These slides will explain to you that documents and receipts can be scanned, found later, and stored. Along with that, the app will suggest automatic categories. You can begin the scanning process by clicking on the plus sign at the bottom.

The Stack app can use the camera to capture a new photo or scan existing images or PDFs. Using the camera option for scanning requires a single snapshot and crops to the edges automatically. Further, you can adjust the cropped image and brightness level. The app allows the option to add tags to scans for better organization.

Apart from using the two scanners offered by Google, Android owners can also download and use third-party scanning alternatives for their needs. Among some more popular options, Microsoft Lens is available to every user regardless of whether the users have a Microsoft subscription or not. The app comes with the ability to adjust the borders of any document when you have to take a photo of that document.

Besides availing of the basic editing features on the app, the users can mark their scanned documents with a text tool or a digital pen. However, it can save the device directly, the subscribers of OneDRive can save their scans to the cloud also.

The other most popular alternative for scanning documents is Adobe Scan. It also does not require any Adobe subscription, very much similar to Lens. Being due to Adobe product’s legacy, it offers robust editing features that include cleaning any blemishes on the scanned images.

Besides, the users can use it to scan forms and fill them in through Adobe Acrobat Reader manually. Additionally, the app can automatically pull information from business cards and documents so that Android owners can save them conveniently and quickly.

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