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Here is a look at the CDSCO registration for importing cosmetics in India

Author: Vicky Kumar
by Vicky Kumar
Posted: Jun 18, 2021

CDSCO registration is a mandatory document for importers of cosmetic products in India. They have to apply for it at the Central Drug Standard Control Organization through their online portal.

So, what does the process of CDSCO cosmetic registration entail? Just like any government application, it entails:

  • Gathering the documents
  • Filing the application
  • Auditing of the application and the documents
  • And, final certification by CDSCO.

The CDSCO registration process hinges on the details you enter in the application when you file for CDSCO online registration. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at it and see the details you need to enter for the same.

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Initial application of CDSCO product registration

The first page of CDSCO application is what we are going to cover through this blog. And in the first page, you only need to concern yourself with two details:

  • Details of the applicant
  • Details of the registered office
Details of the Applicant

It consists of standard details that allows CDSCO to find out who is filing the application. Additionally, it gives the Organization an insight to see whether the applicant is even eligible for the registration he or she seeks.

The details you’re required to enter are as follows:

  • Type applicant: As you’re filing for CDSCO registration to import cosmetics, the option already present in this section is "Applicant for Cosmetics". However, if you want, you can choose multiple roles.
  • User name: Your username should your corporate email ID.
  • Password: When it comes to password, the CDSCO portal wants only the best ones. That means you need to provide password that has small letters, capital letters, characters and numerals.
  • Name of the applicant: You must provide your first, middle and the last name for the purpose of application.
  • Contact information and Nationality: Provide your mobile number and your nationality details.
  • Designation and alternate Email ID.

The document you need to submit to prove the correctness of the above information is the ID proof. CDSCO import registration can’t be a successful endeavour if you can’t prove your identity.

You also need to upload a declaration stating that you pledge by the CDSCO rules and have provided the correct personal details.

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Details of the Registered office

The second set of details you’re required to enter in the application for CDSCO Registration certificate is concerning the registered office of the applicant:

  • Name of the organization: name of your company has to be specified here.
  • Type of the organization: You’re given multiple choice when filing your organization type. These include:
  • Co=operative
  • Government
  • LLP
  • Partnership
  • PBL
  • Private Limited
  • Proprietorship
  • Public Limited
  • Trust
  • Others
  • Hospital
  • Institute
  • LTD
  • CIN: Corporate Identification Number of your company
  • Address of your company
  • The country, state, and the district in which your company is located. The country section has a placeholder named "India" for obvious reasons.
  • Contact information: Contact Number and Fax number has to be entered

As for the document to provide the address of your registered office, all you need is the Certificate of incorporation.

For more information about CDSCO registration, reach out to our CDSCO registration consultants.

Ever wondered how the application to import cosmetics looks like? Here is a look at the CDSCO registration for importing cosmetics in India.

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