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Are you a positive or a Negative personality?

Author: Nidhi Khandekar
by Nidhi Khandekar
Posted: Jun 20, 2021
negative thinking Are you a positive or a Negative personality?Is it always good to be POSITIVE?

Does NEGATIVE THINKING never help? All kinds of questions cross our minds.

Interestingly, the idea that negative thinking can have its virtues might be shocking to some. Yes, we cannot rule out negative thinking totally. There are positives of negative thinking also and we need to learn and understand how to analyze and apply it.

First, let us try to understand both.

What is negative thinking?

Negative thinking does not necessarily mean negativity."Negativity" involves a habitual attitude of anger, cynicism, helplessness, or sadness in all or many situations."Negative thinking," by contrast, means the ability to see the potential dark side of people, ideas, places, and things, in order to respond to them in a realistic and self-protective manner.

What is positive thinking?

Positive thinking is cultivating positive emotions like gratitude, kindness, and love. Positive emotions can bring in benefits like better physical and mental health, better relationships, creativity, longevity, even a stronger immune system.

COVID19 wave had hit badly. With it, it also brought in a lot of uncertainties leading to stress, anxiety, depression, and negativity in everyone including diabetics. Even though everyone was taking care of all the safety norms, we could see that many people were getting COVID. What exactly was happening inside? What did one need exactly to do internally? Here was the need to really keep a balance between negativity and positivity. Being a little negative with a lot of positivity became necessary.

Dr. Pramod Tripathi, a diabetes specialist**,** who naturally exudes positivity and brings about powerful changes within masses thought of doing really something special for people in this scenario. He came up with the idea of conducting a special series under the title "Staying Positive" for the benefit of all. Wednesday evening was chosen to connect with people.

The first session of this series took place on 21st April during the time when the second wave was creating a lot of turbulence. Hence the topic selected for the very first session was "The way to positivity through all the negativity." It was decided to focus this series on topics related to stress, positivity, and human transformation.

The top 5 topics covered so far are-
  1. Laughter therapy to reduce depression- Watch Now On FFD's Youtube Channel
  2. Meditation techniques to reduce anxiety- Watch Now On FFD's Youtube Channel
  3. Meditation for healthy energy flow- Watch Now On FFD's Youtube Channel
  4. Meditation to boost courage- Watch Now On FFD's Youtube Channel

5.Meditation to Calm Nerves- Watch Now On FFD's Youtube Channel

The key rule to remember is "positivity generates better brain-body chemicals and helps in fighting diseases!"

Do watch this very useful series and let us know how helpful you found these sessions to be. Also, we would like your suggestion about any specific topic which you would want from us. We will definitely try to cover it.

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