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Advantages Of Fleet Management Systems

Author: Mayika Fleet Management
by Mayika Fleet Management
Posted: Jul 07, 2021

Fleet Management Systems is software applications used by fleet service providers to manage their vehicles and resources. It enables a business to handle its vehicles better thus enabling better customer services as well as operational efficiency. There are two types of fleet management systems available in the market; Hardware-based and Software-based. Fleet management software system facilitates complete control over fleet vehicles, driver management and fleet administration. It manages work orders, vehicle maintenance records, fuel accounting and reporting, real-time vehicle status reports and much more. The main advantages of fleet management software include:

Convenience: Most fleet management systems offer highly convenient, user-friendly and flexible interface that allows easy navigation and control of the program. The system provides detailed information about all aspects of the vehicles such as fuel, service history and maintenance records. It enables the drivers to track their performance, service timings and mileage. Moreover, these programs help in proper identification and assigning of maintenance duties among drivers. It helps in scheduling and managing scheduled maintenance work and preventive maintenance activities.

Cost-Effective: One of the most important benefits of fleet management systems is that it enables the business to reduce costs associated with maintaining vehicles and providing drivers with complete freedom over the vehicle while working on the vehicles. It also helps businesses save on the operational costs such as salary expenses, vehicle maintenance, insurance, etc. It significantly reduces the cost of vehicle purchase and ensures that the vehicles are maintained in excellent conditions. For example, if the business has one fleet of trucks, it can purchase a separate truck for each driver so as to ensure that the driver only uses trucks which are also being used by his employees for servicing and maintenance purposes. Thus, this reduces the costs and saves the company money.

Improved Fuel Management: Another major benefit of fleet management systems is improved fuel consumption by the drivers. This reduces the fuel costs of the business. The programs include various tools to improve driver behavior such as enhancing the recognition of truck speed and driving habits through the alerting system. The alerts are usually triggered by radio signals that alert the driver of any unusual speed behaviors or highway driving habits.

Enhanced Security Systems: Fleet management systems also help to enhance security for both the public as well as the vehicles. These systems have been designed in such a way so as to provide maximum security measures for both the individuals and the vehicles. Some of these security systems include vehicle immobilization, tracking, security card readers, etc. Apart from that, they also prevent unauthorized use of vehicles. Such security features also prevent the emission of any toxic gasses while the vehicles are in operation.

Improved Order Fulfillment: A major benefit of fleet management is that it improves order fulfillment. Nowadays, most of the businesses are providing online booking facilities for customers. This enables businesses to fulfill orders faster and provides them with better returns on their investments. Moreover, it improves fuel consumption as well as the efficiency of delivery by improving the accuracy of the estimated delivery time.

Improved Inventory Control: Another advantage of fleet management is its ability to improve inventory control and management. It is now easier to track and manage the inventories of different types of vehicles. Fleet managers also use fleet asset identification and inventory control to ensure that the vehicles are always maintained in good working condition. This reduces the chances of downtime and extends the life of the vehicles.

Insurance Premiums: Most of the fleet managers use security systems to protect their drivers. This helps them to reduce the risks of theft or damage to their vehicles. Since most of the insurance premiums are based on the risk factors of vehicles, this reduces the premiums of the fleet managers tremendously. Besides, such systems are also used to increase the safety levels of the drivers and thus help to protect the reputation of the business as well as the drivers.

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