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What are the top features of Video Conferencing Devices?

Author: Ip Office Live
by Ip Office Live
Posted: Jul 20, 2021

The term 'video conferencing device' may not be used all that often, however, all of us have had, or most likely own multiple of these devices. Let's break down what a video conferencing device is. This device enables two or more people, from different locations to communicate. This is completed by computer connection (internet), audio and video. These devices are put into use in an array of ways, including team meetings, webinars, job interviews and even to communicate with friends and family who may live far away.

Now let's talk about the video conferencing device that you own. The computer or phone that you are reading this on currently is, or has the potential to be a video conferencing device. As mentioned above, it requires audio, video, internet, a display and video conferencing software. These three requirements are satisfied by a microphone, camera and your network provider. Every smartphone that has been released in the past five years, and all tablets and laptops contain all of the required hardware to complete a video conference. Now that we know what a video conference is, and what the devices are that enable them, let's talk about the most important features of choosing a video conferencing device.

Firstly, we want the device to be relatively easy to use. And by this I mean anyone in the office or at home being able to use it. Chances are if you are purchasing a video conferencing device for business, you are leaning on someone else thousands of kilometres away to set it up…we don't want that to be painful in itself. Also, once the device is set up, it is important that that equipment supports the software being used, whether that be Skype, Zoom etc.

Following this, we want the device to be able to support the array of functions that are integral to video conferences. Can they handle several people talking at once, or does the audio get fuzzy? Does the device give the option to provide a closer up shot of the person talking, or is it a wide-angle lens? Will, the microphone picks up clear audio so that people can hear you clearly on the other end? These are all important factors to consider. Essentially, you want a device that brings high-definition video and high clarity audio for a smooth video conference. This will happen if you have best phone systems for business.

Finally, the pricing. Personally, I live under the premise of "You get what you pay for". However, sometimes concessions have to be made to fit within the budget. And a video conferencing device follows the same premise. The top-of-the-line device with all of the best software and hardware incorporated will cost upwards of $15,000. Now, this is not your average price, as you can pick up equipment from as low as $250, and a massive amount of other video conferencing devices in between!

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