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4 Ways to Find Your Next Sales Lead

Author: Rangarao Jetti
by Rangarao Jetti
Posted: Jul 22, 2021

You should always stay polite and friendly to build healthy, lasting business relationships. An email list and newsletter can keep you in contact with those interested or on the fence and may purchase in the future. It also keeps past clients in the loop in case they need a newer product. Past clients may see an update in a newsletter that makes them think of a family member or friend who might be interested in your product.

You should also keep in contact through follow-up emails and phone calls. This maintains and grows customer relationships. Just be sure not to nag or be over the top with your outreach, as this may push customers away.

3. Social Media

Social media can help spread the word. Work to build up your followers by posting quality content and being responsive. Each person that shares your posts or tags you and your product exposes your company to all of their followers. This sharing can result in unexpected new leads. Find ways to create engagement and prompt others to share your product, your page and your information.

Contests for customers who post a picture with your product or share your posts are great ways to spark engagement and increase outreach. Hashtags and trending topics that are relevant may also help reach new individuals. Create a catchy hashtag for your product and use it heavily on your pages. Then, be sure to add other relevant tags so that your content shows up in those searches.

4. Referrals

The best promotion you can receive is a positive referral. Think about it; if you are curious about or looking for a new product, you will ask friends, family or coworkers for a recommendation. By maintaining professional relationships with your customers and offering quality services or products, you are more likely to stand out as someone or something they would recommend to others.

Encourage satisfied customers to refer you, write testimonials, complete reviews and help spread the word. Don’t be afraid to ask customers for referrals. They can probably think of at least one person interested in it or who could benefit from your product.

Generating sales leads is a constant work in progress and something you will actively do regularly. Make a note of which tactics work best for you and your company, but don’t be afraid to try new approaches. Be knowledgeable about your product and your target audience as you work to build new relationships. Most importantly, always remain professional and helpful because you never know who is around you that may turn into your next sales lead.

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Author: Rangarao Jetti

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