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What Nutrients and Benefits Are Waiting In Super Reds Capsules

Author: Rachel Blindauer
by Rachel Blindauer
Posted: Jul 23, 2021

You most likely already know the importance of getting enough fruits and vegetables every day. Amongst your greens and salads, though, are an often neglected nutritional detail: reds! Specifically, fruits and vegetables that fall into the "red" category. Literally. A lot is waiting for you in these brightly colored options!

The importance of reds

Unlike greens and probiotics, to name a few, reds don’t often get a lot of attention. This leads many to wonder just why Super Reds capsules are important to prioritize. Firstly, reds are considered polyphenols. These are potent antioxidants that do a lot of good for the body.

Polyphenols contain phytochemicals, which offer you various health benefits (as you’ll learn below). Since this is what gives reds their color, any red fruit or vegetable you have will provide you with those benefits. However, the amount can be hard to get in traditional diets since you don’t want to forgo your other nutritional needs.

What benefits will they provide my body?

When you eat reds that have the right bioavailability, you’ll be able to enjoy the following benefits (amongst others):

  • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases: Most of us are predisposed to cardiovascular diseases, often at higher risk with modern-day diets. Proper reds intake will help lower that risk and also prevent the onset. Great for those who are especially concerned about cardiovascular complications.
  • Maintained eyesight: Macular degeneration is expected as we age, but you can fight back with the best super reds supplement in your daily diet. They’ll help preserve and strengthen your eyes and macular health in general.
  • Faster metabolism: Reds will help naturally and safely speed up metabolism. They will offer better digestion and even weight loss in those who pair reds with other positive changes to their diet.
  • Toxin elimination: Our body’s natural detox system can always use a little extra support. Polyphenols provide that by helping our organs break down and pass through toxins. This will help your body feel better in general, too.
  • Fight free radicals: Free radicals can create severe damage when left unchecked in our bodies. Reds are very effective at flushing them out of your system, making them amongst some of the top choices for just that job!

Reds made convenient

Suppose you aren’t looking forward to eating an entire table’s worth of just red fruits and vegetables every single day. In that case, there is a cleaner and more convenient option to help take the stress out of it -- Super Reds capsules. Just like any other TURNER best super reds supplement, it’ll help boost your body further naturally, and all you’ll have to do is pop a few capsules. No picking or preparing is required.

Even if you weren’t sure why Super Reds were the right choice for you and your diet at first, seeing how they work and what they actually do can make all of the difference you need. All that’s left now is adding them in and seeing just how much more convenient they’ll be compared to an entire table load of their full-form options.

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Hi, I am Rachel, a fitness enthusiast and writer by profession, find me on tumbler.

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