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What Is Mobile Threat Management?

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Oct 11, 2014
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You are probably well aware of hackers and viruses that can take over a PC. They can wreak havoc and interrupt your life while compromising all of your personal information and contacts. Suddenly your friends are receiving emails supposedly from you and they are confused. That’s because you never sent them.

Well get ready because cell phones are facing the next influx of invasions by hackers. There is virtually no security on cell phones and most people are not even aware that you can get security protection on a mobile device. These factors are adding to the growing mobile threat movement.

We use our cell phones for just about everything now. In fact the more new services that are added, the more we are on our mobile device. Between shopping from our phones and checking our bank balance, we open ourselves up to a hacker who can easily gain access to our bank account and find out our credit card information.

So what kind of mobile threat management can you use to cover yourself from these serious offenses? There are many companies that have been created or have added mobile threats into their security management field.

Each company is different. Some use a monitoring system so they can keep track of the devices that have been registered to them in real time. They can target any attempts and identify them for future reference.

You can purchase a security software program and apply it to your cell phone. Android phones seem to be the hacker’s main focus because of their recent growth spurt. Apple phones are not exempt but Androids are currently the favorites for security invasions.

Unified Threat Management or UTM, was created to help put an end to mobile threats by providing a number of security options. UTM has created a virtual firewall that can prevent a number of breaches with one single appliance.

UTM can take on and incorporate content filtering, spam filtering, intrusion prevention, and antivirus protection. The advantage of using UTM is that you can get all of these functions without having to find software that can handle each issue individually. It prevents you from using three or four different systems to handle your mobile threats. It is much easier to monitor your security measures with one appliance.All of the security modules that are part of the UTM appliance were created from scratch.

If you are interested in purchasing security through a UTM appliance there are a number of security companies that offer this service. You can check with Fortinet, Check Point Software Technologies, Juniper, and Cisco for more information.

If you work for a large company, they may provide this service for you. Hackers have a way of breaking into the phones of employees as they are traveling to and from work. Once they have access they are able to access private information about your company through your phone.

Make sure you protect yourself from hackers by incorporating the appropriate mobile threat management security measures for your needs.

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