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Author: Jhon Poll
by Jhon Poll
Posted: Aug 07, 2021

Is saturated fat bad? We have been told it is but is it? For most of us, we’ve either seen or heard something that goes like this," Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease." This has been drilled into us so much and so often that we really don’t know what to believe, including me. A few years ago, I was like every other person out there who thought eating fat made you fat so I cut it out of my diet. It seems logical to think fat would make us fat, right?

It did for me and as a result, I cut fat out of my diet and headed toward anything I could find which was low fat or nonfat. It wasn’t until I found out about coconut oil that my mind was totally changed about fats and the role they play in being healthy.

History of Saturated Fats

In the 1950?s, a scientist named Ancel Keys wanted to prove the relationship between saturated fats and heart disease.

He set out to do this by using data from a limited amount of countries that kept information on fat consumption. Based upon his research from these countries, Keys was able to conclude: saturated fats were connected to heart disease.

The study was published and eventually accepted as fact. Few people questioned the study although it was fundamentally flawed because it didn’t take into account other lifestyle factors such as smoking, exercise frequency, or stress.

Because Keys’ hypothesis was eventually accepted as fact, many people adopted the conclusion that saturated fats cause heart disease. Most researchers and doctors accepted this for years but a few continued to question the conclusion.

In 1970, a Senate committee headed by George McGovern decided to finally put the debate to rest. McGovern at the time was following a diet low in fat and cholesterol and believed everyone should be doing the same.

As a result of this, the committee was a bit biased and was in a rush to prove the fat/heart disease connection, and eventually, they did. But the committee ignored numerous studies which proved diet didn’t have anything to do with heart attacks.

So why did accept such a false conclusion? Many of the researchers and doctors readily accepted the saturated fat and heart disease link because they were afraid of being cut off from government funding.

This practice tends to happen in the medical community especially if the outcome goes against the mainstream’s think tank. Is saturated fat bad? In truth, there is no evidence linking saturated fat to heart disease…it’s just been accepted that it does.

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Is Saturated Fat Bad For Your Heart?

If you’re still in doubt about saturated fats here is further evidence to investigate. Pacific and African people consume five times the amount of saturated fats as most westerners do and have lower incidences of cardiovascular disease.

Most of the saturated fats are in the form of oils such as coconut, palm, and animal fats. How can this be? Have we been falsely led to believe in the myth of fat causing fat and ultimately leading to heart disease?

The consensus is saturated fats increase cholesterol and thereby increase heart disease. This has never been proven but what comes up in numerous studies is that it’s better to have higher cholesterol than lower cholesterol!

This is contrary to what has been taught and goes directly against what pharmaceutical companies would like for their consumers to hear. Why is this so? The biggest sellers for most pharmaceutical companies are statin drugs which help lower cholesterol. Hmmm… it makes sense now to tell people to lower cholesterol especially when you can make money off of it, doesn’t it?

So it should make sense when those who go against popular thought are considered quacks or cut off together when seeking to secure grants for research to find out the real health truths.

As a side note, the American Heart Association funds many studies linking heart disease to saturated fats and charges food companies a fee to place their logo on their product, signifying it’s a heart-healthy food. Ask yourself why? It's all about $$$$!

Is Saturated Fat Bad? The Research (Or Lack Of) Speaks

There has never been any adequate research to prove saturated fats are bad and lead to heart disease but there is plenty of evidence that suggests saturated fats help more than harm. For instance:

Oils such as coconut increase our HDL (Good Cholesterol)Saturated fats are needed to produce healthy hair and nailsFats boost the immune systemFats help to prevent depressionSaturated fats help with hormone production

Ask yourself, how can something that does so much good be so bad?

Coconut Oil is a "good" saturated fatThe Real Cause of Heart Disease

Heart disease has risen because we have actually gotten away from using saturated fats in foods and cooking. Research has shown a dramatic increase in cardiovascular disease when oils such as vegetables, corn, and soybean were introduced to the market along with trans fat (hydrogenated oils).

These types of oils are not natural and result in inflammation in the body which is the real cause of heart disease! If you want to reduce your chances for heart disease you should be consuming oils/saturated fats such as:

Butter/Ghee (Real Butter not Margarine)Coconut Oil (My favorite!)Palm Oil (Great for Frying)Olive Oil

Beef Tallow (McDonald's used to fry their french fries in this until pressured to stop)

Fish Oil

All of these healthy fats contain different types of acids which are helpful to the body and don’t cause inflammation. Remember… it is the inflammation that causes heart disease which results from using hydrogenated oils. Saturated fats occur in nature and nature is no dummy.

We get into trouble when we go against what nature intended and follow an agenda based on promoting misinformation for profit. Nature always knows best.

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