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Automated Control Panel - You Need to Know About

Author: Shrinath Electric
by Shrinath Electric
Posted: Aug 09, 2021
automated control

Shrinath Electric is one of the prime companies in the country when it comes to the manufacturing and distribution of electrical panels and switches. We are considered one of the prime - Automated Control Panel manufacturers and other electric panels manufacturers. We deal in products like MCB, ACB, relays, etc. Nationally we have the widest range of electrical and electronic items for almost every project. We primarily deal in Automation, Textile, Chemical, Metal, Industries. We are an ISO 9001:2005 certified business and engage over 1500 customers on a monthly basis.

We are one of the top Automated Electrical Control Panel Manufacturers in the country. Our capacity and capabilities is spreaded in a broad range of services, industries and applications. It doesn’t matter what your project is, all we have is the experience of producing the highest quality items with the certified experts From control panels to switchgears, Shrinath electrics has solutions for every aspect of the process. We have expert panels for panels that work according to the customers' needs.

Automated Control Panel

The Automated Control Panel consists of devices such as controllers, buttons, chipsets, wiring, etc. The controller with AC panels can be DCS, PLCs, relay, etc. It gives a signal input to the MCCPs so the motor can start. The AC panel works based on the program of PLC /DCS. AC panels are generally connected with the instruments mentioned. The interlocks will have indicators there as well within the automated control panel. In modern times, a single panel is used to separate the control and MCC panels as well. Automated control panels provided by Shrinath electric have certain advantages, such as an All-In-One operational device that amalgamates the properties of a program controller and interface of operation to a single unit. Another feature we provide is upgrading it as it functions in the modern programming language. It includes the complete IEC61131 language ( structured text, function block diagram, ladder, sequential function chart, and instruction list). It is also beneficial in monetary terms as it brings a reduction of costs to your company’s account as it reduces hardware costs by combining the operator interface, the controller, and the remote connectivity into a single device.

AC Panel is a single device that will offer you a single point of connection. Therefore, you do not need to connect several ports to several monitors or change the whole system to upgrade it; this is more valuable when dealing with a type of remote connectivity, mainly if the PLC has only a singular serial port programming.


A variable frequency drive, or VFD for short, is a kind of motor controller that makes an electric motor function by differing the frequency and Voltage of its power. The VFD can control ramps and their motion up and down during the starting or stopping of the motor, respectively. The drive controls the Voltage and frequency of supplied power to the motor, and the process is known as speed control since the outcome is an accustoming of motor speed.

Additionally, today’s electric drives integrate diagnostics and networking capabilities to better increase productivity and control performance. The energy savings, reduction of peak-current drawn, and intelligent motor control are the top three reasons for a VFD controller in every motor-driven machinery. A VFD uses ranges from fans to pumps to compressors, and the applications are the prime reason for 75% of global electric drives. Soft starters and other less sophisticated contractors are solid-state devices and provide a ramp-up of full speed when they start up an electric motor. A line-cross contactor is a kind of controller that will apply the full Voltage to an electric motor. All of the benefits and range of VFD can be provided by Shrinath as we are the top VFD Drive Supplier.

AC Drives

An AC drive is used to manage the speed of a motor. The speed is managed by adjusting the frequency of the supply of electricity to the motor. The Voltage in the common grid is of three-phase nationally and when it is connected to a motor creates a magnetic field by rotations in it. The present rotating magnetic field would follow the rotor of the motor.

An AC drive will properly enhance the process control of an electric motor. It also reduces a company’s energy usage and will generate higher efficient energy. Additionally, it decreases the mechanical stress on all of the motor control applications present. Finally, it will also try and optimize the operations of multiple applications which rely on electric motors. We are one of the top AC Drive manufacturers present in the country. You can find All the properties of an AC drive in our catalog.

Shrinath Electric provides the topmost and best in class Automated Control Panels, VFDs, and AC Drives, which is cost-efficient and helps in power saving. We do not compromise on our quality, no matter if we manufacture or distribute. We are a company that does smart work and hard work, whenever whatever of it is required.
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Srinath Electric primarily deals in switchgear trading viz, Mcb, Acb, relays, contactors, Electrical and automation panel, etc,

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