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Elegance Clay Bead and Fashionable Earring Hooks

Author: Ashley Lee
by Ashley Lee
Posted: Oct 15, 2014

The beads apparently invisible in our daily life and we find no real importance for them. They are not essential items for our daily routine life yet they are important in decoration, ornaments and jewelry. It is inborn instinct in the women to beautify them self by makeup, good dresses and nice and beautifully made jewelry. It is the jewelry making industry which consumes beats.

Beads are the basic essential of making jewelry. The diamond is the costliest and most desired stone to be used for ornaments but it is not within the reach of a common man and is only reserved for the wealthy people. As an alternate the stone beats have remained for a pretty long period a part of decoration. Many stones beats threaded together in a ring shape have been in use as an ornament by the tribes in Africa. In pictures we can see man and women of even savage tribes wearing the beats necklaces in their necks. We can conclude the beat making started from clay or stone. Later these clay beads became popular. By baking them in the fire gave them longer life and later with advancement in the clay handling developed on one side bricks for the constructions of the houses and on the other beads for decoration. Still later clay beads took the better shape and glaze with the coating of glass powder or glass sand and by baking it at a high temperature in the fire this further gave the idea of ceramics which improved on one side the crockery and on the other developed clay beads and now we have extremely beautiful well shaped multi colored clay beads for different uses.

Along with these clay beads, the earrings also developed in different aspects. We have now earring hooks of very minute size and delicately made and on the other side we can have big hooks which may be really very large. The earring hooks alone are also used but mostly they are coupled with some designed and some shape made out of some costly or ordinary material. Here we get the idea how the earring hooks could be coupled with clay beads to make them more fancy and presentable. It is not matter only clay beads; it can be some beautiful shape like a butterfly maybe small or slightly bigger. It can have another shape like very small statue of Cupid with bow and arrow. Yet fruits and leaves also provide a perfect model to be copied and used to beautify the earring hooks.

Ceramic industries have advanced so much in perfection that very tiny things can be made with extreme precision and delicacy. These small emulated models make perfectly suitable combination with the earring hooks.

So the earring hooks and the clay beads have the permanent company of each other in shape of an item loved by the women. It is strange but romantic idea, the clay turned into beads becomes eternal and the person using those passes away leaving these beauties behind.

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